The U13 Girls are #2 in the State!

We are extremely happy because we are bringing incredible news to you! Our B1 U13 Girls in the USA have reached second place in the State ranking recently and we couldn’t be prouder.

Indeed after last weekend’s tournament, with another great performance by the girls, they have been declared to be the second team in the state of Florida.

The U13 Girls are having an amazing season

The U13 girls have improved tremendously, both thanks to the training sessions and the many tournaments they participated in. Every time, they have made us proud and gave their hearts out on the pitch.

They performed really well against many competitive teams and even through defeat, the girls felt like they left with something more.

Moreover, we wanted to send our regards to their coach, Ezio Fabrizi, who has been working really well with the girls. He has been guiding them through tournaments and correcting them in training.

The B1 Methodology is starting to bear fruit

Since the start of the Academy, we have always been following our B1 Methodology when it comes to form soccer players and develop their skills. We have been committed to it as we believe in its efficiency, and we prove it every day in B1 Barcelona.

In B1 USA, we are still at the early stages of our methodology but we can already feel the changes in individual players and teams. In particular, it is during the tournaments that we can ultimately analyze what is going right or wrong for each team.

Anyway, news like this is really motivating for us, but most importantly to our players. We are looking forward to seeing the next steps of our methodology and to see these young talents grow.

A big congratulation to the U13 Girls, keep it going!