B1 USA players take on the Komm-mit tournament!

As you may already know, some players of the B1 USA Academy traveled to Barcelona to compete in the KOMM-MIT International Tournament, held in Malgrat de Mar and Calella de Mar, Barcelona.

After combining intensive training sessions and a bit of tourism for three days, the players and parents were ready to start the whole tournament experience.

First game against NAGC Sardegna

It was time for the players to take on the field against NAGC Sardegna ITA and we could not be more excited. The excitement from the parents, B1 staff, and players can be seen as anticipation fills the air.

In no time, the game started off with high intensity as the first few minutes were a battle down the field as each team traded off positions.

It was clear though that B1 had more possession of the ball for the first 5 minutes with 2 shot attempts but was ultimately saved by the goalkeeper. After a quick penalty shot for B1 resulting in a corner kick, B1 was able to score the first goal (Iker) making the score 1-0.

With a couple more fights down the field, the rival team was able to score a powerful long shot a bit past the halfway mark resulting in the score of 1-1. This score was due to the fact that we did not get back to our side in time. The boys still kept up the fight regardless until half.

After a quick tear down the field and another pk for us, Peña was able to nail it in the top left corner making the score 2-1. It was obvious that the heat was getting to the players and they were getting a bit tired but B1 still held strong and kept the pace up.

Ultimately B1 was able to come away with the win with a final score of 2-1.

B1 USA pulled away with their first win and we couldn’t be more proud!

CF Rocafonda (ESP) next on the list

Clear blue skies, a light breeze, and a new turf field can be seen as B1 starts to warm up for their second game against CF Rocafonda.

Off to a racing start, the air seems electric as within the first 2 minutes goalie Eidan bounces it in from the other side of the field off of a huge punt making the score 1-0 as B1 sets the pace yet again.

After another minute after the first goal, B1 player Michael kicks it in from left field instantly getting B1 up 2-0. After a few battles down the field, the center field players find a gap and pass it to Iker for a clean tap into the bottom left corner for a goal. This made the score 3-0.

After a quick five minutes, B1 takes the field for the second half and within the first 2 minutes again, B1 player Xavi bangs it in from a right-field pass to the center for an easy punt making this first goal in the competition making the score 4-0. Minutes later B1 was able to find another goal and went in for a 5-0 lead from B1 player Hugo.

Finally, after a bit of a scramble in the last three minutes of the game, the rival team is able to sneak one right to the upper left goal making the score 5-2. In the last 30 seconds, the rival team was able to hit it into the right side of the corner but ultimately there was no chance for them to win. Really proud of their huge efforts!

USD Loreto (ITA) as the third rival

Another beautiful day as B1 takes the field for their third match-up against USD Loreto. A short warm-up and quick handshakes once again and right away the match is underway.

Right off the bat, this match is more balanced as constant battles for the ball are seen as the possessions are back and forth in the first four minutes.

In the next minute, B1 player Hugo is able to quickly recover from a first blocked goal and runs it down the field from the center and bangs it into the top left part of the net getting B1 up first making the score 1-0.

In the next 2 minutes, our very own Michael is able to get a fast break to the left side of the field for an easy pass and tap in (2-0). For the next 7 minutes, it was a battle for the next goal as the rival team slowed it down and focused a bit more on defense but soon enough it was halftime.

In the first instances of the second half, Adam was able to find a pass resulting in a goal for us.

After a slow reset for B1 right after the goal, a quick break from the rivals could be seen leading to some confusion and no help from the B1 defense a quick and unfortunate goal from the rival team was made. The score is now 3-1.

After some back and forth between both teams, B1 is able to find the back of the net yet another time (4-1). As Keegan sets up Adam once again in the next 30 seconds, B1 is able to bang in another back-to-back goal making the score 5-1.

Minutes later, Hugo is able to receive a great pass by Keegan to sneak it into the corner giving B1 yet another goal (6-1). Just like that, the whistle blows and B1 takes the first seed going into the semi-finals taking place in the morning of Friday.

Road to the semi-finals!