Last days of B1 USA Players in Barcelona

Indeed, the B1 USA players still had to play their semi-final game of the KOMM MIT tournament. Moreover, after the tournament B1 Soccer Academy planned some other touristic activities to ensure that everybody had a great time.

Semi-finals of the KOMM-MIT against Burgos

A nice early start to the morning as B1 takes the field for their semi-final game after an impeccable first group phase where the team won 9 out of 9 points. Only 4 teams remain. As the other rivals come off the bus at the last minute, B1 is already warming up and ready to play.

Within minutes, the whistle blows and the game is underway. Already this is much more complete than last game as the ball possession changes every 30 seconds.

After a quick stop in the game resulting from a penalty on the rivals, B1 lines up for the kick. It’s good! B1 scores within the first 5 minutes making the score 1-0.

It is clear that B1 must play a bit more closer and aggressively than in the last few games. After a long run from the other team and hustle from the rival’s forward and striker, the rivals are able to get a kick from left field from a cross pass and kick it in on post as the ball barely goes in (1-1).

Tensions are high as both teams take very good shots to the goal. As B1 makes one more run that gets caught up outside of the goal, halftime arrives quickly. It is clear that B1 is having a tough time holding the pace.

“We must close the space and be close, stay together and don’t let them get a run at the ball every time. Don’t stand around and instead go get in the way.”

Eric Bertran, Coach and CMO

In no time the second half starts and after a ball running out to the corner touched by B1, the rivals line up for a corner kick. The kick is punted in, bounces off 3 players, and rolls into the goal. B1 is now playing one behind as the score is now 1-2.

It was clear that the rivals’ plan now was to hit it as far away as possible once on their side and B1 needed to find a way around this.

In the next minute off another cluster at the goal, the rivals are able to get another one making the score 1-3 as they attempt to slow it down.

Afterward, B1 continues to try and set up a good drive but once again a quick run away from the other team leaves a 1-on-1 with the goalie and the rivals are able to find the back of the net (1-4). B1 is a bit scattered as the quick shift of possession time puts pressure on all of the players.

After one more attempted turnaround for the B1 players,  the rivals kick it away and a cherry-picked goal is made in the last 30 seconds to end the game 1-5.

A tough loss but with this comes the ability for learning from your mistakes and performing better in the next games.

Although unfortunate to not make it to the finals, we congratulate the players and visitors from the U.S for getting a taste of what the competition level is like here. Not to mention that our B1 goalkeeper won the trophy of the best goalkeeper in the tournament. We did not go back home empty-handed!

We are extremely proud of their performances, both individually and collectively!

After the effort the comfort

As both the B1 USA players and volunteer players from here in Barcelona take a much-deserved break after their hard work at practice and the tournament. The team hits the road to enjoy one of the best theme parks in Spain; Port Aventura.

This was a great experience for the players as this allowed them to really bond with each other and hopefully feel much more at home through a bit of playtime in the sun with their fellow teammates.

Here the players were able to fully relax as they were able to ride roller coasters, ride down huge water slides, and truly relax at the end of their trip. It was great to see our B1 happy and together.

The next adventure that the players were taken on was to discover and understand a bit of Spanish history through a walking tour in the ruins of Tarragona. This was also a great way to get the players to understand the rich cultures that are present here in Spain and specifically close to Barcelona that make this place so unique and diverse.

Not to mention that the parents were extremely interested in the history and cool preservation of the ruins and huge amphitheater that dates back to the 2nd century AD.

After a long day of sightseeing, the players and parents finished their trip with a nice session of much-needed pool time before hitting the road and going back home.

We are extremely delighted to have provided the opportunity to the players that came from the U.S to compete and understand the competition here. Moreover, they could also get even more familiar with the B1 methodology over this past week and a half.

We hope to continue to grow our B1 family and thank you once again to the parents and players from the U.S for coming! Safe trip back to the USA!