Evan Nolan invited at the ODP event

We are delighted to announce that one of our players, Evan Nolan, was given a great opportunity last Saturday. Indeed, our U12 player has been invited by the Olympic Development Program on the 20th of March.

Recently,  we had the pleasure to tell you about Taylor Foss and her selection in the IMG team and we are happy all the hard work with our players ends up being worth it.

As you may know, the ODP main purpose is to identify and provide opportunities for high potential players, facilitate their development, and expose them to the next level of their chosen pathway.

Moreover, he had the chance to be in the starting eleven in the game against Inter Miami. Evan played most of the game and overall had a great performance.

Most importantly, he was happy with his game, really excited about how much fun he had, and he can’t wait for the next opportunity to come around the corner.

Even though they ended up losing the game, this experience has been incredible for the young talent. Despite his little experience in a 11vs11 game, Evan gave it all on the pitch.

We hope his performance will grant him more opportunities in the near future, we wish you all the best Evan!