B1 Boys at the Jupiter President Cup

While the U10 Girls & U13 Girls fought in the Weston Cup, the U10 & Boys U13 Boys traveled to Jupiter to confront their competition in the Jupiter President Day Cup.

Similar to the B1 Girls, the B1 Boys have also been surprising us with their performances during the weekend tournaments as well as their clear improvement as a team!

The U11 Boys fought hard against the though competition

As the level of the tournament was quite high, our U11 Boys have had some hard games in the last weekend. However, they still fought hard and gave their maximum effort which is probably the most important thing.

First of all, our U11 Boys had an exciting first day of the tournament starting off really strong and winning 3-0 against CSSA.

The Boys moved the ball really through starting from the back of the field. We needed to play quicker in the midfield as we lost the balls to often for keeping it too long, which could’ve been potential goals for our side.

Anyway, with little corrections, the boys are looking strong!

In their second game, the Boys came up short against a strong Hollywood Wildcats team. They made some defensive mistakes and couldn’t get it done in the offensive part.

Unfortunately, their third and last game confronted them to another strong and physical team that was able to keep the ball and create way more actions than we did.

Our U13 Boys stayed focus until the end

Furthermore, the U13 Boys also came to the tournament to show what they were worth. The U3 have been impressing us quite a bit during the last tournament and we were looking forward for their return as a team !

In their first game against Wellington, none of the teams were able to find the back of the net despite many occasions from both sides. In general, they played fairly well, moving the ball from the backside of the field to the front smoothly and with good intensity.

Afterwards, they played against Jupiter United, the hosts of the tournament similarly to their previous game, both teams couldn’t finish their offensive actions, leaving the game at 0-0 as well.

Our coaches will work on the finishing part of our actions in order to try to maximize our offensive efficiency in the future.

Finally, in their third and final game, the U13 Boys were able to score one goal, but unfortunately so did their opponent, and the last game was tied as well.

However, the results might not be very encouraging for everyone, but their performance was. Of course, there are things to improve but the intensity and commitment of both teams were really inspirational.

We are looking forward for your next performances, keep it going Boys!