B1 USA competes in latest Dimitri Cup

B1 USA is getting back to the competitive tournaments by showing up at the Dimitri Cup that was held in the Premier Sports Campus. This time, the U13 and U15 Boys teams participated and fought hard to try and start this new year in the best way possible.

The U13 faced fierce competition

On the weekend of the 21 January, the U13 headed out to the Premier Sport Campus to compete in the Dimitri Cup. Lately, our players have been playing more frequently as the EDP League games were added to their routines. We have been able to see already a great improvement in the teams, but of course, sometimes they might be a bit more tired than usual. In general, the level of the teams was quite high and it was a real challenge for our boys to compete against them.

Anyways, tournaments are always exciting and the Dimitri Cup was the perfect opportunity to for our players to challenge themselves and play a bit more freely.

In fact, the Boys played their first game against Kendall Hammocks exactly like their fellow U15 teammates. Unfortunately, even though our player gave their all, they fell behind and couldn’t overcome their opponents.

Moreover, they then played against Miami Prime and again, they couldn’t offensively match the rivals. They ended up losing the game but they put on a remarkable effort for the sake of the team.

In their last game against Jam Fc, the boys started to feel very tired and we could see it in their game. Most importantly they enjoyed playing, but the opposition was too fresh and strong and the boys couldn’t keep up.

Nevertheless, the spirit of the U13 was remarkable as they tried their best to not give up in each of the games. We are dedicated to keeping working hard during training sessions in order to achieve beautiful things later on the season.

The U15 did their best after all

Last weekend, on the 28th of January, our U15 Boys faced the Kendall Hammocks aswell. Both teams were quite equal in terms of effort but the opposition was able to overcome us in terms of efficiency . They were able to outscore our boys. We were happy with the fact they gave their best and the coaches could have an additional perspective on what can be improved in the tactical or technical aspects of their game.

Furthermore, their next rival was Arsenal who appeared to be a really strong team. Our players fought hard and played until the last seconds but they could not overcome the rival in terms of scoring. It was an intense game and a good learning experience for our young athletes.

Finally, they faced Miami Lakes United in what would be their last game of the tournament they succeeded in leaving the tournament with honour as they were able to overcome the opposition and to play a really solid game both defensively and offensively.

We are very happy with our players because they had the right mentality all along their respective tournaments. Of course, a lot of things can be and will be improved during the seasons.

Results are not the only thing that matter. Commitment, hard work, teamwork, passion, and dedication go hand in hand and a lot of our players seem to have made sense of it. Now we just have to stick together and go for the wins!

Eric Bertran

Journalist, sports expert, Social Media Manager, and sports business developer. Ex-soccer player and passionate about teamwork. "Every player will have the same opportunity to achieve their dreams. With effort and sacrifice, everything is possible."