U10 & U13 Girls in the Weston Cup

We know how much you all appreciate seeing our B1 USA Teams perform in tournaments during the weekend. The energy, the atmosphere, the competition, players and parents were looking forward to the next tournament.

Well after two long weeks of waiting our B1 USA teams finally participated to two different tournaments.

In last weekend’s Weston Cup on the 13 February, the U10 and U13 Girls performed with great enthusiasm, ready to defend their colors once again.

The U10 Girls’ first game on Saturday confronted them with Miami Rush. The game was really close, the girls created some interesting plays but sadly came up short at the end of the game (1-2).

In their second game, the Girls faced a really strong South Miami team. Our Girls did everything they could but lacked efficiency when it comes to finishing offensive plays.

However, they still fought hard and put in a lot of effort but sometimes, those two things are not enough.

Anyways, the girls won their third and last game of the tournament against Palm Beach Garden, finishing off the weekend on a good note.

Back to the final

The U13 Girls also took part in the Weston Cup. They started the tournament really strong as they were able to dominate the host team, Weston FC, with an end score of 4-0. Really good performance for our girls who are gaining more confidence every week.

In their second game, the Girls faced the Colorado Rush All-Star team, which is a team composed of talented players from around the country.

The Girls played really well once again, but the game was closer than the first one. The Girls conceded a penalty kick but were able to score, leaving the score at a 1-1 tie.

Moreover, the next opponent was the second Colorado Rush All-Star team. This time, the Girls performed amazingly, creating offensive plays but also doing the job on the defensive side of the field. They dominated their rivals in a 4-1 win and earned a ticket to the finals of their category!

Finally, the time came for the Girls to battle in another final. They faced a really complete and strong Palm Beach Garden team, number 2 in the country. Anyhow, this did not scare the Girls and they really offered us a spectacle.

The game was really close and though, both sides created scoring chances. Unfortunately our girls came up short (1-2) but we are all very pleased with their performance and their growth as a team.

We believe the Girls have a lot more to prove, and we can’t wait for the next tournament.

Eric Bertran

Journalist, sports expert, Social Media Manager, and sports business developer. Ex-soccer player and passionate about teamwork. "Every player will have the same opportunity to achieve their dreams. With effort and sacrifice, everything is possible."