B1 teams fought hard in the Miami Cup

When the U10 & U12 Girls converged to the Sarasota Cup last weekend, the rest of our teams participated in the Miami Cup & Showcase. It is a pleasure to be able to participate in so many tournaments as we see our teams improving week after week.

The combination of specific training sessions and competitive tournaments on the weekend has been doing good for our teams. Not only they have improved technically and tactically as a team but they gained confidence and precision in their play style.

U10 Boys had a rough tournament!

The U10 Boys had more than a challenge ahead of last weekend competition filled with highly talented teams.

Their first game faced the B1 boys to the Miami Shores. Despite the efforts of our boys to find the back of the net, they were unable to conclude their actions. Unfortunately, the rivals were able to score several goals, winning the game at the final whistle.

Moreover, they played against Doral in the second game. This time, the boys were a bit more focused in the game, being defensively more efficient than the previous game. Unfortunately, despite their efforts to overcome the opponent, they came up short and lost 0-2.

In their last game, the boys played against the Barça Academy. Another hard game for the boys that did their best from the first minute. In spite of the good intentions of our boys, the opposition was really strong, and was able to score multiple goals.

U12 boys trying the 11vs11 tournament format

Now it was a challenge for the U12 boys last weekend as they played in the 11vs11 tournament. The are not used to play in such format in competitive games so they had to put double the effort and focus during the games. Anyway the competition was fierce putting some additional pressure on our boy’s shoulders.

Nevertheless, under the supervision of Michael Mora and Sergio Alfaro, the U12 boys fought pretty well. The effort and the will to win were not the problems that day but more about the tactical aspect of the game. Unfortunately, they were not on their best day as they weren’t able to overcome their opponents.

We are still proud of their performances and we will be waiting to see your improvements in 11vs11 games!

The U14 Boys came up short this time!

In their first game against Juventus Academy, the boys did a pretty good job. They played well and created chances but had a hard time concluding the actions. Anyways, with some really talented players, Juventus was able to get ahead during the game. The final score was 1-3 in favor of Juventus.

Afterward, they faced Cutler Ridge in a close game. Anyways, this time our boys were able to overcome the rivals and score the only goal of the game, end score 1-0.

Moreover, the next team on the list was Miami Strikers. They had a pretty strong team, but that did not scare our B1 boys who played hard every second of the game. Unfortunately, it was not enough as the opposition was able to find the back of the net while we couldn’t score.

The U15 reach the finals!

The U15 started with a draw (1-1) against Azzurri Storm in a really close game between both sides. Our boys showed already a confident and organized way of playing that was promising for the rest of the tournament.

Furthermore, they faced the Lauderhill Lions and were able to get a win after a solid performance by the whole team. They kept attacking confidently and were finally able to find the back of the net, final score of 1-0.

Later that day, the boys faced the Driftwood Dragons. Once again, our boys were in a dominating position, moving the ball fast and diversifying the attacking phases. They were able to win 2-0 and get a ticket to the finals of the tournament.

Finally, the boys faced the Lauderhill Lions once again in the finals. The first game against them was really close so this game was definitely a challenge.

Our boys had some good moments but weren’t able to find the back of the net. Unfortunately, the opposition had a bit more success and scored twice. The end score was 0-2 but we are really proud of the performance of every single player, congrats!

The U13 Girls had a though weekend

Sometimes, it just doesn’t go your way. That highlights the weekend for the U13 Girls who had three hard games during the Miami Cup & Showcase.

In their first game, they faced Pinecrest Premier in a nail-biting game. Both sides created a lot of chances creating intensity in the game. Unfortunately, our Girls were close to finding a draw but conceded the last goal losing the game by one (1-2).

Moreover, in the second game against the Sunblazers, the girls played well but were not able to score. Luckily the rivals were in the same situation, the end score at the final whistle was 0-0.

Finally, the girls faced the U14 Pinecrest team that had several older players. Even though the girls fought hard and gave everything they had they were not able to overcome the opponents that took the win from them (1-4).

It is a pleasure to see all the active teams doing their best every weekend, way to go B1!