B1 take over at the Kick Off Classic

We have the pleasure to announce that B1 Soccer Academy performed wonderfully in the last Kick-Off Classic tournament in Fort Myers. After the exciting participation of our players in the last ACDC tournament 2 weeks ago, we expected them to prove that they were capable of repeating such performances.

U11 Back at it again!

The U11 Boys definitely came to the tournament with the right mindset of fighting until the end. Even though they were facing some decent rivals throughout the tournament, they were able to find their way to the finals!

Indeed, in the first two games against Cape Coral Soccer and Asegl Plantation FC, our Boys were not able to overcome the rivals but at least they were able to find two draws. In the third game facing Asegl Plantation FC once again, the boys were able to find their first win (2-1) with a solid performance from every single player on the field. This gave them a spot in the finals of their category!

Finally, their last opponent was San Carlos Park Scorpion SC, a team that our boys have been playing quite often against in the last tournaments. The game was really close, both sides were playing well and creating chances. Luckily our boys were able to find the win after a nail-biting game, making them the champions of the tournament!

U12 with a winning streak at the Kick Off Classic!

The U12 also came to do business in the Kick-Off tournament. From the very beginning against their first opponents, Bonita springs wildcats, the boys showed that they came with one thing in mind. They were able to dominate the opponent and came out on top because of their offensive efficiency.

Furthermore, they played Florida West FC in their second game. Once again, the boys showed that they could overperform their opponent and were able to find a 3-1 win after dominating most of the game.

Afterward, even though their spot in the finals was more or less secured, the boys still fought hard in their third game against Asegl Plantation FC. Indeed, they kept on playing good football by moving the ball and creating many chances. They were able to win 4-0, boosting their confidence for the finals.

In the finals, the boys stayed as focused as possible on their objectives. They played against Asegl Plantation FC and were confident they had a big chance to win the tournament. After a nail-biting game, with both sides playing hard and finding the back of the net, our boys became the champions after beating the rivals 4-3, what a game!!

We are very proud of our boys and their continued progress and development in addition to the compliments (in both athleticism and attitude) they received from outside clubs throughout the weekend!

U15’s amazing turn out of events

It is never amusing to start a tournament with a loss, and it is exactly what happened to our U15 boys. Unfortunately, Youth Athletic outpaced our boys from the very beginning of the game and were able to dominate most of it. After conceding a couple of goals, our boys started not believing in it anymore and ended up losing the game.

Despite this first game, the boys still wanted to keep on fighting and they showed it in the second game against San Carlos Park Scorpion SC. During a slow-paced game, our boys had a decent performance and were able to grab the win with a single goal.

Unfortunately, the rivals for the third match forfeited, giving a win to our boys and the ticket to the finals! What a turn of events it has been.

Finally, conscious of their luck in the tournament, the boys decided to prove their worth against the same team that beat them in the first game. In fact, they played an amazing game both defensively and offensively. Much more focused than during the first game and with the championship on the line, our boys score an amazing goal. And yes, they have crowned champions as well!

A big congratulations to every player and coach that participated! Hard work and dedication are starting to show results during the weekend and we couldn’t be more proud of it. What a weekend, what a tournament, and what a pleasure to be part of the B1 Family!