Our teams shine bright in the ACDC Cup!

Last weekend, B1 Soccer academy participated in the ACDC Tournament and we can assure you that our teams outperformed in an amazing tournament! This time, only three of our teams participated but they all put on a show!

U11 Boys stronger than ever!

Along with their Coach Jacob, the U11 Boys did a tremendous job in their three games. During the first game against Tampa Bay, the boys were able to dominate the game from the very first minutes. Moreover, the boys were able to find the back of the net with not too much difficulty.

Afterward, they faced West Citrus, and once again the B1 Players played with their hearts out. Once again way over their rivals, they were able to strategically combine and create chances that lead to goals. Indeed the end score was 9-1 for our Boys.

Moreover, they faced Tampa Bay in their third game. Here the boys, even though they could feel the tiredness coming, played a really good game of football. It is amazing to see the improvement and gain of confidence they have since the first tournament, a completely different story.

Finally, they faced a strong Florida Premier team in the finals. This time, the rivals were really challenging our players but nothing could stop them from winning the game. After an amazing effort from the whole squad, our u11 scored the only goal of the game to win the championship!!!

U12 with a beautiful run to become champions!

Just as the U11, the U12 were also inspired to do better than last week. They also played with a different mindset than the last games they played with B1.

During their first game, the U12 faced West Citrus and performed in a calm and controlled way. Both defensively and offensively really active, they were able to overcome their opposition, Final score 5-1.

Furthermore, they faced Tampa Bay who they were able to beat in the same fashion. Our boys looked really determined to come home with positive results, and so they did! They are able to win 5-1 before the final whistle resonates.

Their third game would decide if they had a chance to get to the finals. Facing a strong Sarasota Spartans team, our boys definitely gave everything they had, and it paid off. They were able to beat the rivals 4-1 and get themselves a ticket for the final.

Finally, facing Ancient City in the finals, they probably played their best game. They prevented the rivals to settle in the game and be able to play their game. Consequently, they controlled the rhythm and were way more efficient offensively. The scoreboard showing 5-1 at the final whistle put a big smile on the faces of our new Champions!

U13 clean cheat and champions!

You understood it correctly, our U13 played 4 games and didn’t concede one goal! Indeed, during the whole tournament, our defenders really put on a solid performance.

Their first game against Sarasota was a close game. The opposition made it hard in the first quarter of the game, but our boys stayed really focused on their goal. They were able to win 2-0!

Moreover, they faced Tampa Bay and completely dominated the game for the pleasure of the parents and the coaches on the sideline. They were able to score 6 goals even though they missed a couple of chances.

Afterward, the U13 had to step up against yet another team and for us, it seems like they did. Once again, they surprised us with another astonishing performance by the whole squad. After scoring 4 goals to nothing, the boys only needed another win to be crowned champions.

In the finals, facing Florida Premier, the boys looked more dynamic than ever. Despite the 3 other games they had in their legs, they had enough determination to snatch the win over their rivals. Let us say that it was a goal show, as our U13 scored 6 goals that made them champions!

What a weekend it was for B1 Soccer Academy. Every single player and Coach gave their maximum. After a couple of weeks, the teams were able to work and improve in some areas of the game. Confidence together with intensive training is the key to success.

Congratulations to everyone, and GO B1!

Eric Bertran

Journalist, sports expert, Social Media Manager, and sports business developer. Ex-soccer player and passionate about teamwork. "Every player will have the same opportunity to achieve their dreams. With effort and sacrifice, everything is possible."