Largo March Madness

Last weekend, our B1 USA also participated in the Largo March in South West Florida. While the majority of our teams were participating in the Sharks Cup & Showcase, three of our teams decided to try their luck in the Largo March Madness tournament.

The U11’s incredible run!

The U11 Boys came with special energy last weekend. They started their tournament in the best way possible against Sarasota. They were able to dominate their rivals and succeeded at being offensively more efficient, the end score was 3-0.

Afterward, they faced Florida Premier, where our boys had a nail-biter game. Our boys were ahead but conceded an unlucky goal.

At that moment, the boys were able to switch into a more defensive formation by themselves, in order to secure the win. Great progress from this team zho has been working really hard!

Moreover, the third game opposed our boys to the Chargers. they needed a win to find a spot in the finals the next day. After fighting really hard, they found the back of the net which was the only goal of the game.

Finally, in the finals, our boys kept the same energy and mindset. They were able to overcome the Florida Flames with a wonderful goal and secure the champions’ title! Overall, the boys won 4 out of 4 games and conceded only one goal, what a performance!

The U13 boys tried their best!

The U13 played their first game against Charlotte. Unfortunately, the boys could not overcome their opponents despite their remarkable efforts.

Moreover, they played Florida Premier in their second game of the tournament. The boys seemed to play better and put out everything they had but sadly it was not enough.

The U12 Girls left it all on the fields

Similarly to the U13, the Girls also had a rough tournament. We can say that the competition was fierce but that they still fought as hard as they possibly could.

Furthermore, their first game opposed them to Sarasota, who ended up being more efficient offensively. Even though the girls tried hard, they could not overcome the opponent.

The second game was really close. The girls faced Tampa Bay, and their game improved compared to the first game. Unfortunately, they came up short in the end when the opposition scored, leaving the score at 1-2.

The girls played their third and last game against Whysa Kicks. We could feel the girls playing more relaxed ans creating plays as they had nothing to lose. Unfortunately, it was not enough, but we are really proud of their efforts!

That was all for the Largo March Madness. We want to congratulate every team for their efforts, and special applause for the U11 Boys for their win!

See you soon B1 Family!