B1 USA at the Sharks Cup & Showcase

Another weekend means another tournament full of surprises and adrenaline. Last weekend, B1 Soccer Academy USA participated in the Sharks Cup & Showcase in Naples, Florida.

Moreover, we have a special announcement to make about the U13 Girls team.

This weekend has been special for us as the majority of our teams reached the finals which are amazing! We can already feel an improvement overall just with the results in the weekend tournaments.

The U10 Boys finding its way in the finals!

Let’s start off with the U10 Boys, who did an amazing job and reached the finals of their bracket. They succeeded in their first game against Florida West, winning 2-3 in a really close game.

Unfortunately, the result wasn’t the same in the second game of the tournament. They played against the first team of Florida West and conceded too many goals in defense.

Anyways, the boys didn’t let their guard down in the third game, fought hard, and were able to get a draw against Askho Lightning which granted them a ticket for the finals!

Sadly, they came up short in the finals but they fought really hard until the last second.

The U12 looking really strong!

The U12 Boys couldn’t have started the tournament in a better way with a wonderful first performance of the weekend.

They were able to completely dominate Southernmost Elite by scoring seven goals to one. Our boys looked really strong and prepared for the weekend.

Moreover, in their second game, the boys kept the same focus and energy. They were way above their rivals, creating many more chances with some quality play transitions. The end result against Florida West was 5-1.

In their third game, they faced Metodo Coira and after a nail-biting game where both teams played really well, our boys found the draw they needed in order to get to the finals (4-4).

Unfortunately, the boys drew 1-1 against Metodo Coira and lost in the penalty kicks. The game was once again really close, but we were a bit unlucky in the chances we had. We are still really proud of the performance of the boys!

The U14 did their best!

The U14 Boys had a rough set of games last weekend. In their first game against Lee County, our boys created chances and defended properly, but unfortunately, they came up short of only one goal.

Furthermore, the U14 did not lose their focus and performed way better in the second game against Miami Lakes. They were able to create offensive chances and find the back of the net two times, end score 2-1.

In their third and last game, our boys couldn’t find a win despite their chances against a strong South Florida team, end score of 1-4.

Way to go U15 Boys!

The U15 had an excellent run in the tournament. In their first game, they faced the host team, Davie Sharks, and were able to pull off a strong performance. They had a lot of chances and were able to finish some of them, while defensively they were well organized and doing a great job, end score of 3-0.

Afterward, the boys faced KHL which looked way stronger than the previous team. The game was really balanced and both teams had chances.

The game ended in a 1-1 draw, meaning that our boys had to win the next game if they wanted a chance to go to the finals.

In the third game, the b1 boys showed up strong and dominated the second Davie Sharks team by scoring 4 goals to nothing, amazing performance by the U15 and what a way to go to the finals.

Finally, in the final against tropical soccer prime, unfortunately, our boys came up short and lost 2-0. Despite the loss, the boys played really well and gave everything they had on the fields.

The U10 girls are back in business!

We know how the girls normally handle business during tournaments and once again they did not disappoint us.

In their first game against the host team Davie Sharks, the girls came out really strong and dominated their opponents in a 4-0 win.

Moreover, their next rival was Florida West who was definitely a challenging team. Anyways, after a really close game, both teams performed well and the game ended in a 2-2 draw.

Furthermore, the b1 girls player their third game against Davie Sharks once again and performed wonderfully. They had even more chances in their first game and scored 5 goals while only conceding 1.

Unfortunately, the girls came up short in their final against Florida West. They still did an amazing job and we couldn’t be more prouder!

The U13 Girls number 1 in the State!

A couple of weeks ago, we announced that the U13 Girls, along with their Coach Ezio Fabrizi, were number two in the state after some wonderful performances in the tournaments they participated in.

Well, we have the pleasure to tell you that this changed as they recently became the number one in the State of Florida!

At the beginning of this year, this amazing group said they wanted that top spot and they never stopped working towards it.

They did it by playing against really competitive teams and by challenging themselves to become better. A huge congratulations to these warriors!

Overall, we want to say a special congratulation to every single player and coach who attended the tournament!