Amazing the B1 Girls Teams at Kick-Off

While the B1 Soccer Academy USA boys teams were competing in the International Series Qualifier Tournament in Naples, the three girls team went to Fort Myers to compete in the Kick-Off Classic.

In the last few weeks, the girls have been surprising us with amazing performances and results. Last weekend they had the opportunity to keep up the momentum and show us once again what they are capable of.

We are extremely proud to announce that the girls fought hard and all three teams were able to reach the finals on the Kick-Off Classic Tournament!!

The U10 girls started the tournament really strong, showing confidence in their game and creating a lot of opportunities close to the opponent’s goal.

In their first game, the girls faced the Azzurri Storm girls and were able to dominate from beginning to end, scoring 4 goals to nothing.

The second game was against the same team but a different roster and the girls did not stop themselves from attacking with the same energy, winning 3-0 in the end.

Cape Coral Girls was the team to beat to reach the final. It was a closer game with opportunities in both ends, but with enough focus and effectiveness, our girls were able to pull off a win with the only goal of the game.

Unfortunately, in the finals against the Azurri Storm, the girls were not able to find enough opportunities and lost the game 2-1. We are still extremely proud of them!!

Working on the right way

Furthermore, the U12 girls also had an amazing run. Their first game was complicated as the opponent, Cape Coral, had a strong team. The girls lost 6-0 and were not really focused on the game, we could feel they played better towards the end but the game was already decided.

Nevertheless, in their second game, the girls were able to beat Labelle Heat in a dominating win, the end score was 4-0. Afterward, they had to face the same team again, the Labelle Heat, and played as strong as the last time.

The girls pulled off another mirror win (4-0) leaving no offensive chances to their rivals. In the finals, the girls faced Cape Coral once again. Despite the opposition being really good, the girls gave their hearts out and put everything on the pitch.

Unfortunately, they lost 2-0 but performed extremely better than their first game. Too many more finals to come!

Champions again

Finally, the U13 girls led by coach Ezio Fabrizi also participated in the tournament and they did not come to play around!

In an astonishing first game performance against the Black Watch, the girls pulled off a 10 to 1 win, crushing their rivals and playing extremely offensive. I

In their second game, the girls faced Cape Coral and were able to keep about 70% of the possession, great ball movement, and with over 30 shots on goal, end score 2-1.

Their third game was against Lakeland Tropics, where the girls continued in their dominance and were able to win 6-0. What an amazing performance!

That win sent the girls directly to the finals where they faced Lakeland Tropics once again. The girls were really confident and nothing seem to stop them on that day, as they won again with a wonderful performance, 7-0, the girls are the Champions!!

We couldn’t be happier with the performances of the girls’ teams. What a journey and it is only the start. Congratulations to all girls and we are looking forward to seeing more from you again!

Eric Bertran

Journalist, sports expert, Social Media Manager, and sports business developer. Ex-soccer player and passionate about teamwork. "Every player will have the same opportunity to achieve their dreams. With effort and sacrifice, everything is possible."