B1 Champs on International Series Qualifier

We are bringing wonderful news as two out of the six teams were able to reach the finals and win the International Series Qualifier Tournament. The other four teams gave everything they had to defend the colours of B1.

Our teams are back on the competitive fields as the fifth tournament of the season took place last weekend. On the 24th and 25th of October, our six boys teams from B1 Soccer Academy USA had the chance to participate in a new championship taking place in the North Collier Park in Naples FL.

The youngest of B1

The U10 boys started their tournament with a game against Cape Coral Arsenal, in which they were able to completely dominate their opponent, showing great strength, focus, and offensive success by scoring 7 goals and conceding only 2.

In their second game, the boys played a stronger team, the CES South Miami, but were able to stay focused and delivered a really solid performance winning the game 3-2 for a ticket to the finals.

The boys faced Cape Coral Arsenal once again in the finals so they were confident, they ended up scoring less but performed really well winning the finals 2-0, big congratulations to them!!

For the U11 boys, the tournament was more rough and they had difficulties overcoming their opponents but they gave everything they had on the field.

The first game was complicated, they play against USSSA Lightning City, despite their efforts, the boys were not able to overcome their rivals, the final score was 2-0.

In their second game, the U11 also faced a really strong opponent that did not leave a lot of space to our boys to develop their game, they ended up losing 4-0.

Miami Breakers were the last rivals, the boys were also short in performance and lost 3-0, they still fought and gave everything which is an admirable attitude.

This weekend didn’t go their way, but each game they learned something and moved forward.  They will come back stronger in just a matter of weeks!

Competing and learning

Furthermore, the U12 boys had an amazing tournament as they were able to reach the finals. Their first game was against the Miami Breakers and although they lost 2-1 they didn’t lose hope as they fought hard in the second game against Raider Elite winning 3-1.

They needed to win the next game against San Carlos in order to reach the finals, and so they did. They beat them 4-1 dominating the opponent on the field and creating interesting plays throughout the game. In the finals, the boys kept their cool and dominated completely, winning the game 4-1 and making us really proud. Congratulations boys!

Moreover, the U13 boys also had a hard tournament losing their first game against Labelle Heat 2-0. The second game they had faced them against a good team, the Cape Coral Arsenal, and the boys could unfortunately not block all of their consecutive offensive attacks, the end score was 4-0.

They then faced Miami Breakers in the last game and even though they played better they conceded the only goal of the game, 1-0 final score.

Good feelings for U14 and U16 teams

U14 Boys were also struggling as some of the teams they faced were really strong. In their first game, the U14 faced Highlands United, and despite giving their hearts out, they were unable to beat the opponent losing 4-0 at the final whistle.

The second game was a hard loss as the Azzurri Storm leaving our boys discouraged during the game. Their last game against Juventus Zambrotta was a close game, the boys were able to make some plays but could not score to look for a tie, end score 2-1.

Finally, the U16 boys were also present in the tournament and faced the Boyton Beach Knights in their first game, it was a dynamic game for both parts, where our boys made a couple of defensive mistakes costing them the game, the end score was 2-0.

The second game was against the Miami Sun FC team who was also a strong opposition and was able to beat our boys 4-0. In their last game, our U16 boys wanted to leave the tournament with their head held high so they pushed a lot, gave everything they had left and grabbed a win against Soccer Paradise, end score 1-0.

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Eric Bertran

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