The Labor Day tournament in Naples

It is time for the tournament season coming out of the pre-season preparation for our B1 teams. The first tournament of the season took place last weekend in Naples: the Labor Day cup, and most of our teams participated and competed to defend our colors.

With a lot of changes in our teams and not much experience in competing together, this first tournament was expected to be difficult, especially with the high-quality academies that we were playing against.

U10’s rough start to the tournament

The U10 started their tournament against two strong-looking teams: the Wells Wanderers and Arsenal FC. One thing for sure is that our players put out the effort required. They played until the last minute even though they were conceding goals.

The first game was really close but the opposition was able to find the back of the net winning 1-2 against our B1 team. In the second game, the opposition was looking very strong offensively, and even though we could score 3 goals they outscored us.

Anyways, with some tactical adjustments and some more focus, our B1 players were able to take the win in the third and last game against Florida West (5-3). We played some really good passing games and were clinical in the finishing touches. An amazing performance to end the tournament on a positive and encouraging note.

U12’s similar path as the U10

Indeed, the U12 also had a hard time getting into the rhythm of their two first games. Not to mention that the opposition was ferocious, but our players still tried to play the best they could together as a team. Their two first games confronted them on Cape Coral and Miami shores respectively. In both cases, B1 wasn’t able to score, and with some defensive mistakes, conceded a couple of times.

Nevertheless, in the last game against Arsenal FC, our boys definitely wanted to make a point and were hungry for a win. That is exactly what they went for as they were able to score the only goal of the game against a really tough opponent. With more organization, cold blood, and focus, our U12 boys showed us what they were capable of.

U13 couldn’t find a win, but fought hard!

It was the U13’s first time competing in a 11vs11 format, and we know how hard it is to start learning proper positioning and formations at first.

For this reason, our players were not able to find a win last weekend. A combination of nervousness, lack of tactical understanding, and self-confidence was not favorable for our young talents.

The U13 played Black lions, Miramar FC and PSG Academy. It was a new experience for the players and we are positive that we will help them develop and grow in order to start performing better in this new format.

The U15 players showed good spirit

Similar to our younger teams, the U15 who have a lot of new faces, played against some hard opponents last weekend.

Their three games against Cape Coral, Juventus Academy, and Highlands united required total focus, huge physical efforts, and a strong mental. Well in these areas, our players surprised everyone as they showed an amazing spirit individually and with their teammates. Even though they lost the three games, there was no moment were a player gave up. They gave everything they had, and even though it is unfortunate that they couldn’t get a win, they can still be proud of their attitude.

The U16 had some close games

The U16 also fought very hard in each of their games. Their first game opposed them to the Immakolee cobras. An intense game from the first minutes of the game, where our players tried a lot of different offensive approaches. Unfortunately, they could only score one goal which was not enough to win the game, great effort still!

Their second game was the highlight of their tournament as they performed amazingly. With a little more success, our players looked very confident and dominated the opposition, Palm Beach FC. They were able to win 3-1 and look for a chance to reach the semi-finals.

Unfortunately, their last opponent, West Pines looked very strong and were able to outscore our U16. Even though it wasn’t looking great, our B1 players fought until the last seconds to try and come back to the score, but the win slipped through their hands.

A big congratulation for every player’s efforts on the fields last weekend. Even though it has been hard for most of our teams, know that it is just the start of the season, and there is room for improvement and further preparation! Go B1!