St. Paddy Invitational for B1 USA

Last weekend, three of our B1 team converged to Lakewood Ranch to dispute the St. Paddy’s Invitational. A lot of enthusiasm and excitement could be felt as the players did not participate to a Tournament for a couple of weeks.

The U11 with the perfect run

Indeed, the U11 looked dominating since their first game and were able to show they have been improving lately.

Their first rivals were FC Sarasota, a team against whom they are used to playing. This time, they were able to take an early lead and showcase really good teamwork. They were able to score 4 goals to 1, what a start for the U11 Boys!

The next game is probably the game that elevated all the spirits of our B1 players as they completely dominated Lakeland FC and were able to beat them 10-1. Their confidence was at the maximum and they were able to play without showing any sign of fear, a spectacle!

To end the weekend in the best way, our U11 boys had to win one last game, the final. They were facing Braden River, who has shown that they were able to score easily throughout the tournament. It would be lying if we didn’t tell you that this game was one of a kind. After battling for the whole game, neither of the teams were able to find the winning goal.

Overall, even though our boys worked hard and gave their hearts out, the game went on to the penalties, where everything was going to be decided. And Yes, after a nail-biting penalty session, our U11 team was able to find the win (5-4). Congratulations Champs, your hard work is finally paying!!

U12 Boys fall in the semi finals

The U12’s first rivals were the Chargers, unfortunately they were not able to overcome the numerous offensive attacks from them. But our players did not give up for one moment a they entered the next game with a clear head.

They faced No Limits Soccer Club up next and worked really hard in a game filled with goals from both sides. Anyways, the U12 were able to score the winning goal leaving the game at 5-4 and giving them a shot in the semi-finals.

In the semi-finals the players were facing Chargers SC, and this game also generated much emotions amongst our supporters and coaches. The B1 players performed really good and really had a shot at this game, but sometimes it just doesn’t go your way. They lose the match but they leave the field with high spirits. Well done Boys!

U13 fight in the finals

The U13 B1 team performed wonderfully as well. Their first game against Florida Coast got intense. Both teams were equally balanced and finding the back of the net multiple times. The game ended in a draw (4-4) but a very strong performance by our players.

Afterwards, Academia Metodo wasn’t able to overcome our young talents. With another solid performance, our U13  showed that they were strong on both ends of the field, and most importantly scored five goals to nothing! “La Manita” is how we would call it back in Barcelona, Spain.

The B1 Boys looked really confident entering the semi-finals and started the game with admirable energy and intensity. They were able to put pressure on the rivals that started making mistakes. The game ended 4-1 in favour of our boys, what a game!

Finally, they only had the Chargers team to beat to lift up the Trophy. The boys absolutely gave everything, wanted to win more than anything and we could feel that through their play.

Being down a goal towards the end of the game, the final seemed so far for our players, but they never gived up a second. And out of nowhere, after a wonderful offensive play, we find the back of the net and the game is a draw. Penalties it will be!

But things didn’t really go as planned and we fell short in the pentalties. We can say that luck wasn’t really on our side, but we are so proud of their performance!

We want to congratulate all the teams, you have made us really proud and most importantly, you have shown yourself that when you work hard you get good results!