Second B1 Camp in Fort Myers, FL

Another successful B1 Camp in the USA. Coaches Didac “Didi” Rodríguez and Giancarlo Coletta traveled to Fort Myers, Florida last weekend to host a new B1 Soccer Academy training camp. This marked the second camp organized by B1 Soccer Academy in Fort Myers in collaboration with John Robinson’s Elite Soccer Academy.

The camp’s objective was to give the players a taste of B1 Academy’s playing style and philosophy through various different drills with possession of the ball as its main focus.

B1 Soccer Academy’s Philosophy considers football as a game of two phases: the attacking phase, being when the team is in possession of the ball, and the defensive phase, when the opponent is in possession of the ball.

These phases are equally important, for a match’s outcome mostly depends on which team is superior in each of these phases.

This camp planned one day to focus on each of these phases. The drills used in these sessions ranged from simple passing drills to more complex recreations of game situations, each catering to the many essential components of these phases while simultaneously highlighting the importance of decision making.

Quality and specific work

The first day focused on the attacking phase of the game, with its drills being designed to highlight the key technical and tactical aspects.

As well as such as checking away from the defender, and using the far foot to control the ball in order to maximize passing options.

The players worked on switching the game, building passing triangles to bypass opponents and progress further up the field, and movement off the ball to provide the player in possession with a myriad of passing options.

The defensive phase and transition between phases were the focal point of the second session.

Players worked on immediate high pressing after losing the ball to rapidly regain possession, defending as a unit to minimize the opponent’s space and avoid passes through the middle, as well as zonal defending through several different game situations.

One drill consisted of two teams in possession of the ball whilst the other attempted to win it back and score on one of four small goals once they did so.

New experience at Fort Myers

For our coach Didi, this was the second trip to Fort Myers. In the first ID Camp he travelled with our coach and CMO Eric Bertran. And it’s certainly been a nice experience.

Didi has expressed his pleasure with this experience:

“For this camp, we decided to challenge the players with much more complex drills that put their decision making to the test. The adaptation from both groups was astonishing from one day to the next, as we saw clear improvement from each of these players.”

On the other hand, Giancarlo Coletta’s first experience abroad as part of B1 Soccer Academy’s staff was thus a fruitful and thoroughly enjoyable experience for both players and coaches alike.

“We noticed that the United States harbors fantastic youth talents that are perfectly able to be molded into the European style of play given if they are in the right environment.”

Crossbar challenge again

As in the first edition of the B1 Camp held in May, the boys from the different groups were challenged to the Crossbar Challenge to get some prizes.

And the guys did it, the winner of the smallest group took a sweatshirt from our PUMA sponsor, while the winner of the U14 to U19 group got PUMA Future cleats. Congratulations champions!!!

By the way, B1 Soccer Academy maintains an excellent partnership with John Robinson’s Elite Soccer Academy, and we look forward to many more joint ventures in the near future!

B1 Soccer Academy shall host another camp in Costa Rica with Proyecto Gol on December 3rd. Stay tuned, don’t miss the details!!!


Eric Bertran

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