Salty Palms Showdown

Last weekend, our Boys team participated in the Salty Palms Showdown in Naples, Florida. As usual, four of the competing teams gave everything they had on the fields and we are really proud of the energy they put through the whole tournament.

U11 Boys amazing performance!

The U11 boys had definitely something to prove since the last tournament that didn’t really go as planned. This time, they came with another energy and determination that could be seen by the results of their games. Despite losing the first game against Cape Coral (0-1) for lack of focus and efficiency, the boys performed wonderfully in the two other games.

Indeed, in their second game, the boys dominated PSA Football and were able to score four goals to nothing. We could feel that they were really focused on the game, and were able to build up from the bottom to top with a lot of smoothness.

Finally, their last game against Fort Myers Classic was really close. Both teams played well and fought hard but our boys were able to take the lead and win the game (3-2).

The U12 had a rough tournament

Unfortunately, sometimes one has to lose in order to understand what is wrong and get up to fight even harder! That would be the highlights of last weekend’s tournament for our U12 Boys.

They played against Florida West in the first game. It felt like the boys were not really having their best day, making mistakes but one thing for sure is that they still fought hard. Their two following games were against Azzurri Storm, who was able to overcome our B1 Boys two consecutive times.

Nevertheless, despite the results, the boys had fun and tried their best. We believe the next tournament will be their chance to prove that they have real potential!

Our U13 had some strong opponents!

For the U13 boys, this was a challenging tournament as they faced some good teams. The first game against Boca United was hard. The boys definitely did not play badly but couldn’t find the back of the net. In the end, our boys lost the game but some positives were taken from the game.

Furthermore, they outperformed their next opponent, PSA Football, and were able to have a dominating win by scoring 3 goals.

Unfortunately, in their last against SWFL Soccer Academy, the boys who were already tired couldn’t manage to win the game. We are still really proud of their performance in general, really promising!

The U15 fought for the B1 colours!

The boys started off strong as they made it hard for their first rivals, the Chargers. The game was extremely close as both sides were determined to take the victory.

Despite the opponent pressuring a lot, our boys were able to control the whole defense, except for one time. Finally, the boys were able to find the tie, which is really good for the first game.

Afterward, they faced Naples United, who was able to overcome our players by being more present in every area of the field. Even though our boys got outperformed this time, it was just for a lack of focus and efficiency.

Indeed, their last game faced them once again against Naples United. This time was really different as our boys wanted redemption. They played really well and this time outperformed the same team that beat them the same day. They were able to dominate them and score 4 goals, well-done boys!

We are really proud of every single player that participated in the tournament, you all fought hard. See you soon for the next tournament!