Pre-Season preparation at B1 USA

With the summer break over, it is time again for B1 Soccer Academy USA to get back on track for the new season. With the amazing performances that we have seen last season from all of our teams, we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

Indeed, since the 18th of August, our B1 teams are already hitting the training fields to prepare for the upcoming matches and tournaments where they will have to perform.

With a new season comes a new B1 kit of course! The players were more than happy to put on the brand new apparel that is looking really good! More than new kits, we have new talented players that put their trust in us and decided to join the Academy.

We are taking this pre-season really seriously as we want our players to perform even better than last season. In fact, last season was filled with emotions and great moments, and we want to live all of this again.

We know our teams and players have a lot of potentials and we want to make sure to guide and push them towards greatness!

U10 already had a scrimmage

The U10 already had the opportunity to participate in a scrimmage that was really helpful to have a preliminary oversight on the aspects that need improvement.

They played really well for the pre-season and already showed that they had a lot of potential in just a scrimmage.

With some arrangements and hard work during the season, the U10 will achieve great things!

Three B1 USA Players get a free ticket to Barcelona!

We have an amazing announcement to make as three players from B1 USA will have the chance to experience the B1 Lifestyle for a week! Indeed, they will have the opportunity to come to B1 Spain and train with the first team. They will live the whole experience and hopefully, they will come out of there with more knowledge than before!

The players chosen for this are Keegan Lee, Sebastian Rojas, and Kadin Deriso.

Not only they were chosen for their amazing skills, but they also have shown an incredible work ethic and attitude that is worthy of great players. They worked hard and B1 decided to reward them with an amazing experience.

Upcoming Coach and Goalkeeper Camp

We are more than happy to announce that there will be a coaches course that will allow surrounding clubs and inspiring coaches to learn from professional coaches from Spain, Eric Bertran, and Marc Fortuny, and get some insight into the B1 culture.

Moreover, a Goalkeeper Camp is designed to highlight the goalkeepers of our local area! Players will get the experience to learn from a professional goalkeeper from Spain who will be coming over to help run the camp!

The dates of these two courses will be communicated later in the season!

We are getting ready and we promise you another season full of emotions and amazing performances! GO B1!