Pre Academy at the Cape Coral Invitational

Last weekend, the Pre-Academy players participated in the Winter Invitational hosted by Cape Coral. For those who don’t know, the Pre-Academy consists of young players before the U9 Category, and it’s great to see how the little ones play.

This department was created for all the young athletes who wish to train with the B1 Academy despite their young age. It has been an honor to see the kind of support that we got only for that Pre-Academy team.

Indeed, it was the first time that the Pre-Academy players participated in a weekend tournament. We can say it was a really exciting experience for both the players and the coaches that were present on the match days.

In total, the Pre-Academy team played 3 consecutive games. Let’s say that the first game was the most challenging as it was the first experience for the team in a tournament. They needed some time in order to adjust some aspects of their game as well as get into the rhythm of the competition.

Unfortunately, the players lost their 2 first games. On a positive note, we can say they fought hard and played really well. The two first games were balanced as the results can tell (1-2; 1-2) and it got all decided on a little mistake, which is not that much of a problem.

Anyways, the Pre-Academy players had one last surprise for us before leaving the sports campus, they gave us their first win! Indeed, they played their third game, and with a combination of intensity and trust, they were able to overcome their last opponent, finishing the tournament in the best way possible (3-1).

Big congrats to the Pre-Academy players who showed that they had the right spirit and we are proud to say that they will be part of the future of B1 Soccer Academy USA.

#Go B1!