Our B1 boys head to the Bazooka Pre-Thanksgiving Cup

Another week passes by and our B1 USA players don’t miss an opportunity to compete in the weekend tournaments! This last 13th and 14th of November, three of our boy teams (U12, U13, U15) participated in the Bazooka Pre-Thanksgiving Cup in Fort Myers.

As always, they came motivated and determined to be the best version of themselves on the grass fields!

The U12 had an interesting weekend but couldn’t make it happen.

Even though the U12 Boys had a promising performance in the few games last weekend they seemed to be a bit unlucky overall. They started off strong with a big win (3-1) against Azzurri Storm. They came in the game with the perfect attitude ready to give their maximum effort and it ended up paying!

Everything seemed going well at the start of the tournament, but things changed around in the second game. Playing against a strong CCSA team, our boys were facing a real challenge. In this nail-biting game, our boys really fought hard and tried their best, unfortunately, they came up short towards the end of the game (2-3).

Furthermore, in their last game against USSS Lightning, the boys felt the tiredness in their legs even though they had the right motivation to win the game. Unfortunately, they were a bit unlucky when trying to finish a couple of actions and the rivals took the advantage of it towards the end of the game.

We are proud of the boys who performed really well and show us that they keep on growing as a team as well as developing individually.

The U13 came to fight hard!

In their first game against the Chargers, we could feel that the boys were not completely focused on the task at hand. A combination of a couple of mistakes and mispositioning led to the opposition finding the back of the net multiple times. Unfortunately, the boys couldn’t follow the rhythm even though they tried really hard.

Anyways, in their second game, the boys entered the pitch with more determination and put up a real fight. The game itself was pretty intense and close as both teams were putting the bar high. Finally, both teams scored and the game ended in a draw.

It is only in the last game that our boys were able to dominate their opposition against the Kendall Lions. They were able to dominate the rivals and score five goals. They showed real conto throughout the game and consistency in their offensive chances.

The U15 made it to the finals!

We are delighted to see the U15 boys play hard and reach the finals of the tournament once again. We could feel their determination on the field, they were really giving their hearts out and we love to see this! After winning the first couple of games without much difficulty, the boys were able to reach the finals against a strong Miami team.

The game was really close and the tension was high, both teams wanted the gold medal around their necks. The game ended in a draw and unfortunately, they were not able to win the penalty shootout.

We are still really proud of their efforts, keep going, boys!

Eric Bertran

Journalist, sports expert, Social Media Manager, and sports business developer. Ex-soccer player and passionate about teamwork. "Every player will have the same opportunity to achieve their dreams. With effort and sacrifice, everything is possible."