Lecture for B1 USA Coaches

Together with the B1 Camp and B1 Tryouts that were implemented in the USA last week, the B1 Coaches also prepared a specific coaching lecture for local coaches that would like to get familiar with the B1 methodology.

B1 Soccer Academy has always put much importance in the education of football coaches as it has an important role in a player’s performance.

For about five hours, our Coaches from B1 Spain lectured a group of local Coaches interested in our global methodology. Some of those coaches were active B1 Coaches, so they were already familiar with the B1 Methodology. For them, this lecture’s purpose was to refresh and consolidate their knowledge on the topic.

For the rest of the local coaches, they needed a complete introduction on what the methodology exactly is about and how to implement it. We can say they were actively listening to Marc Fortuny and Eric Bertran who were presenting those basic principles.

On a graphic level, the lecturers were able to show how B1 implements specific exercises during trainings and also how to prepare for an upcoming game correctly.

Moreover, the goal was to make the lecture as interactive as possible, by giving the coaches the freedom to comment on any doubt.

Indeed, the best way to teach the methodology is by creating a dynamic environment in which the trainers feel comfortable to ask questions and take initiatives.

We were really happy on the result of the lecture. There was an amazing sharing of knowledge and the active participation of the local coaches made it a really interesting.

We have a lot of experience giving talks and also trainings, and it is worth mentioning that this one has been, without a doubt, the most enjoyable and easy to manage. We like the interaction and participation of the coaches, that makes it much more bearable and so it has been in FOrt Myers with the B1 USA coaches.