Getting ready for the new season at B1

The new season at B1 USA is almost upon us and we couldn’t be happier! After several pre-season training sessions and conditioning under the supervision of Coach Cory, the B1 players have been able to get back on track, working on their fitness, agility, and strength.

Moreover, during this pre-season, the Coaches made sure that the exercises and drills that they designed will help reduce the risk of injuries during the upcoming season.

By the way, the first sessions officially started on the 11th of August and we are still excited about the passion of our players, parents, and of course the coaches. Without a doubt, we were all looking forward to it!

With this comes the arrival of Sergio Alfaro who will be supervising and coaching at B1 Soccer Academy in Fort Myers. He has a lot of experience from various soccer clinics and his implication in the B1 Academy in Barcelona gave him more than enough knowledge in soccer to be able to take this position in the USA.

Anyways, who says new season without new kits?

Exactly, we are glad to present to you the new B1 training kits that already arrived on the training grounds of Fort Myers. More than appreciated by our players, they also look good in it! But more importantly, they seem ready to fight for their colors for another year.

Moreover, soon enough the game kits that we have been preparing will arrive and we hope they will have as much success as the training ones.

The first training of the season at B1 Soccer Academy USA!!

We are really happy to be able to start yet another season with our talented players in Fort Myers. The first training under the supervision of Coach Cory has been intense.

He designed several exercises and drills to put the players back in the pace, working on the positioning and the precision as well as quick decision-making. Let’s say our B1 players are in good hands!

The boys have been able to get a taste of the B1 routine once again and they look very excited about it.

We can’t wait to start this new promising season with all of you, see you on the training fields, GO B1!!