First tournament after Hurricane Ian

As you probably know, the unfortunate events with Hurricane Ian have left Florida and other parts of the United States damaged and still in a state of recovery. We hope that everyone has been safe and sound during this disaster that affected so many people.

Anyways, after being inactive for a period of time, B1 has decided to compete in their first tournament. Indeed, on the 22nd and 23rd of October, two of the B1 USA teams attended the Fort Myers Kick-Off that took place in Naples because of the Hurricane.

The U10 with a strong performance

The U10 boys were really excited to be able to get back to playing soccer and could not wait to get to the fields to compete in their first tournament of the season. Coach and Director of Coaching Gabe Luchetta were at the helm of the team.

In their first game, the young boys faced a strong Azzurri Storm team. They had a good start, playing with intensity and creating chances, but the fatigue settled in later on and they started conceding goals. Unfortunately, the B1 boys weren’t able to take the win in the first game against a rival that was really strong and efficient offensively.

Furthermore, in their second game against Wells Wanderers, the boys really stepped up as they were eager to take a win back home. They really started off strong and were more efficient in their chances all along the game. They were able to dominate the opposition and score three goals to nothing!

The U13 fight for their colours!

The U13 had a tough tournament ahead but they decided to fight until the last moment and try to bring back the trophy home.

In their first game against Wells Wanderers, they fought hard but the rivals were also creating many chances and it was hard for our boys to keep up the pace at a certain point of the game. The rivals were able to outscore us but the B1 boys definitely put in the effort that was expected from the coaches.

Afterwards, they played the Galacticos Academy in a nail-biting game. Both teams went back and forth with incredible intensity. Our players fought hard and believed in it until the end. Unfortunately, the final score was 2-3 in favour of the rivals as our B1 boys were not able to come back on the scoreboard.

We are really proud of the players that came and played to defend de B1 colours despite the tragic situation after the Hurricane. Well done to every single one of you, and your performances were promising for the upcoming tournaments!