Festive Jamboree in B1 USA

Right before Christmas and New year, B1 Soccer Academy USA wanted to prepare something special for the players that have fought so hard for our colors during the whole year, striving to become better every day. That is why we decided to organize a fun B1 Jamboree.

An event that would gather players, parents, and supporters to create a warm and exciting atmosphere to end this year on a positive note!

Fun games and a good time

The Jamboree was divided into different parts throughout the entire day. First, the players started playing quick and short games with mini-goals in order to warm up and get ready for the next parts of the day.

Furthermore, three different little games were prepared. The first one was a giant inflatable target where kids had to try and be the most precise. We can say that this game created a lot of laughter and friendly competition between everyone that was present.

Moreover, the second game consisted of multi-hole targets where the players had to try and shoot the balls inside those holes.

Finally, the third game was also a precision game as hoops were placed at about 20 meters from the players. The players then had to try and tick the balls inside or the closest to the hoops.

Of course, every winner of the different games received some exciting prices! A big shout out to Derek from the U13 who won the final game to win the signed Messi T-shirt! It was a pleasure for us to see so many smiles on so many faces and for the whole event to turn out so good. We could feel the love in the air and the proximity between all the B1 Family people!

Parents vs Coaches final game!

Yes, you heard it right, we had the chance to assist at this incredible and entertaining game where the parents had the opportunity to prove to the coaches that they still got it.

In fact, the parents made it difficult for the coaches, showcasing a good level and making the game entertaining for all the supporters on the side of the pitch who were screaming their lungs out.

The game ended in a draw (2-2) so it had to be decided in a final penalty shootout! Unfortunately for the parents, the Coaches came out on top to save their honor, but the parents are decided to take another shot next year, who knows!?

A warm thank you to everyone part of the B1 Family

We want to thank everyone for their participation in this special day, and we are grateful to have every single one of you. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year filled with joy and surprises! From the bottom of our hearts, we hope to see you all next year, to continue what we started because B1 USA didn’t say its last word!

GO B1!