Bazooka Pre-Thanksgiving Cup

We are back again with a weekend tournament at B1 Soccer Academy USA. This time, the majority of our teams were participating at the Bazooka Pre-Thanksgiving Cup on the 14th and 15th of November.

Our B1 USA teams are training hard every week and improving to make the difference during competition days like this one.

In general, the level of the competition at the Bazooka Cup was really high, but our teams played hard and were able to put into practice what they learned during the training. Let’s have an insight into each of the games.

Firstly, the U10 boys had a hard first game against a strong Florida West team. They gave everything they had, but couldn’t find the back of the net, the end score was 2-0.

In their second game, the boys faced Immokalee Cobras, which is another very though team, and only conceded 1 goal the whole game.

It was a great challenge for the boys and they faced it with a good attitude, stepping up in a division one competition.  They were able to tie the last game against Florida West FC with, end score of 1-1.

Tough tournament

Moreover, the U11 boys played against Miami Vipers in their first game and were able to tie the game in a close clash between the two teams.

Next up were the Lightning City, which were able to take them in from our boys with two goals, end score 0-2.

In their third game, the boys faced an amazing West Pines United team that was at another level of competition. Coach Cory commented that it was probably the most impressive U11 team he had ever seen. Anyway, our boys fought really well but weren’t able to stop to rival to score, end score 5-0.

Another final for Eloan’s team

The U12 boy’s team played their first game against San Carlos with an impressive performance winning 2-1.

Afterward, the boys played against Tampa Bay United and completely dominated their rival in an amazing performance, winning 4-1 and securing a spot in the finals.

In the finals, the boys faced Escazu Academy which is a really strong team, and felt a bit tired leading to a couple of defensive mistakes, the game ended at 5-0. However, the U12 boys have shown great improvements in general.

U13, U14 & U16 boys teams

The boys from U13, U14 & U16 also participated in the Bazooka Cup, facing great rivals. Our U13 boys had a rough start, losing 2-0 in their first game against Florida West FC.

In their second game, they faced Cape Coral who seemed to be stronger, losing 5-0.

Anyway, the boys did not give up and faced their third rival with the hunger to win, and dominated the same Cape Coral team winning 5-2; sometimes it is all about mentality on the field!

The U14 boys performed great in the tournament. They first faced the Miami Vipers and were able to win without difficulties, being offensively effective and overall well structured, end score 4-0.

In their second game, they faced the Black Watch team, the game was really close, with offensive pays from both sides of the field, the game ended in a tie. Unfortunately, in the third game against the same Black Watch Team, the boys came up short and lost 0-1.

The U16 boys also had a hard time during this tournament even though they gave their hearts out on the field. They faced Prime Time FC in their first game and were not able to win, losing 5-0 in the end.

Their second game was also hard as they faced a really strong Miami Strike Force team, losing 4-0. Their last game was against the Miami Vipers who showed offensive efficiency that our defence could not counter.

Anyway, the boys were frustrated at the end but there is no better way to learn in football than losing.

U10 Girls champions again

The U10 girls, coached by Gabe Luchetta and DJ Charlton continue to surprise us and give incredible performances. And it was no different at the Bazooka Cup. They had an amazing overall performance winning their first game 0-2 against Cape Coral.

They then faced Florida West FC and dominated the game, being offensively dangerous and having a great competitive attitude, the end score was 5-1.

In their third game, the girls faced Black Watch and showed again that they were way better than the rival by scoring 3 goals to nothing, allowing them to go to the finals!

In the finals, the girls face the same Black Watch team once again, giving them enough confidence and strength to overcome the opponent once again and wining 2-0. The girls are champions. Congratulations, we are very proud of you!

We congratulate every single team who played, we are very proud of you regardless of the result. In soccer, we have to be able to lose and come back harder and stronger by working together as a family.

No winner has ever lost, remember that and see you at the next tournament!

Eric Bertran

Journalist, sports expert, Social Media Manager, and sports business developer. Ex-soccer player and passionate about teamwork. "Every player will have the same opportunity to achieve their dreams. With effort and sacrifice, everything is possible."