Ready for a new season

B1 Soccer Academy USA is already getting ready for the next season, and we are trying to prepare the B1 players psychologically and physically. Creating pre-season sessions and training sessions has always been a success to create a dynamic and efficient atmosphere just before the start of the season.

As usual, in order to achieve this, B1 is organizing a pre-season camp in which the new players will have the chance to meet their respective B1 teammates. For this exact reason, we urge all the players to attend this Camp as we will have several activities that will help to get to know each other.

Not only does it has team-building purposes but this pre-season camp is also an opportunity for the players to get into the rhythm of intense training. This is the perfect occasion to spend some quality time and have fun with your teammates.

The pre-season tournament will take start on Monday 1st of August until Thursday the 4th  from 9 AM to 1 PM.

Where? This will take place at Buckingham Park.

What should players bring? Players should bring water and snacks to get through the day.

Last but not least, we are always looking to expand and welcome more talents into our academy. For this reason, the pre-season Camp will also have a B1 Tryout for any players that wish to join the B1 Soccer Academy USA!

Eric Bertran

Journalist, sports expert, Social Media Manager, and sports business developer. Ex-soccer player and passionate about teamwork. "Every player will have the same opportunity to achieve their dreams. With effort and sacrifice, everything is possible."