B1 USA gets active during the weekend

Indeed, the B1 USA teams did not participate in any tournament last weekend but that does not mean that they didn’t do any physical activity as the B1 Coaches had some things prepared.

We are trying to find an opportunity to train with our teams and prepare them as much as possible for the next tournaments, not only to win but to see smiles on their faces too.

The U12 fight in a Scrimmage

Indeed, the U12 had the pleasure to play a Scrimmage prepared by our Coaches. This Scrimmage consisted of two games against Lightning City and Inter, two teams that are familiar to our B1 players. The reason for this Scrimmage was to train in a competitive environment to be as ready as possible for the Disney tournament.

The boys surely played really well even though they were not able to win any game. One thing for sure is that the opposition was a real challenge, but our boys gave us some good impressions overall. They fought hard and stayed in a positive mindset, knowing that it wasn’t a tournament but they still played like it was.

The U15 play a single friendly game

Similar to the U12, the U15 team also trained on the weekend and used their time to play a friendly game. For a couple of weeks now, the U15 have shown that they are fighting for every single minute of each game, but get unfortunate both defensively and offensively.

So we are trying to push them as hard as we can and give them as much training time as possible. Not only do we want to see them improve as a team but also individually, guide them into becoming better players of this game they love so much.

Concerning the game, they were not able to win it but they played really well. A promising performance ahead of the next tournaments!