B1 USA fights in the Unified Soccer Cup

Once again the B1 USA teams converge to the next tournament, this time to the Premier Sports Campus in Lakewood Ranch to dispute the first-ever edition of the Unified Soccer Cup. Four of our teams were present and ready to rumble in order to find some positive results.

The U11 look very strong out there!

The U11 did once again a very good job and performed at the Unified Soccer Cup. Their first game faced them to Miami Breakers, a team against which they have already played in the past. Their confidence was really high coming into the game and they were able to dominate the game from the first minutes. After successfully finding the back of the net three times, the boys leave the pitch with a strong win.

Afterward, they played against Arsenal who seemed to be more of a challenge for our boys. Both teams played strong and were able to create a really entertaining game to watch. The game was close, as both teams created many chances resulting in a draw (3-3).

U12 and U13’s tournament did not go their way

The U12 had a rough tournament but still did their best in the two games they had last weekend. They respectively played against Miami breakers (0-1) and Rise FC (0-3) and unfortunately couldn’t find a win after lacking a bit of success.

Moreover, our U13 boys also had some difficulties finding a win in this new tournament. Even though they fought hard and put in some real effort, they were not able to reach the finals this time. They respectively played against Miami Lakes which ended in a draw in a very physical game. Then they played Cape Coral and Coral State and they were not able to overcome them.

U15 fighting until the end as usual

The U15 played really well in their first game against Cape Coral. Their game looked better than ever, moving the ball smoothly and creating real chances. They scored three goals to one and took the win with a determined attitude.

Furthermore, they faced Lightning Boys who put up a challenge for our boys. The opposition definitely had some qualities and was able to score but it did not scare our boys. Even though they came up short for the win they still found a decent draw to end the tournament in a good way.

At the end of the day, we are proud of every single player and Coach. Practice makes perfect and we are working week in and week out to become better!