B1 USA competes in EDP League

Unlike last year, B1 USA is now officially competing in the EDP league. You heard it right, this year will be filled with much more competition as the B1 players will have the chance to play in both tournaments and leagues.

The EDP League started a couple of weeks in the USA and our teams have been able to compete in their first games as they got delayed due to Hurricane Ian.

Indeed, several B1 teams have been able to play their league games last weekend, which is a different feeling from the tournaments. We could feel a real excitement amongst the players as their participation in a real league is a totally new feeling.

The U12 is in the top 3 of the league!

Last weekend, the U12 boys played their league game against Wells Wanderers and they won 2-1. We are really proud of their performance as they were able to overcome their opponent after fighting hard.

Moreover, the U12 are now in the top 3 of their EDP league standings which is amazing. We sincerely hope they can keep up the good work and aim for the number-one spot at the end of the season!

The U13 play two games

The U13 had their first league games of the season due to rescheduling because of the weather after Hurricane Ian. We could feel their enthusiasm in starting their first game. A really intense first game against Weston, known for its superior training and elite teams.

The Boys were able to create chances even though they conceded on two defensive mistakes. The end score was 3-2 and the smile on their faces reminded us all why we love soccer so much.

Unfortunately, their second game was a bit harder as the fatigue started settling in. With only one sub available for the weekend, the boys were unable to find the second win.

Nevertheless, they surely played hard and tried the best they could, and for that, we can say congratulations. A really good start to the season and a promising run for the top of the table!

Congrats to every player for their efforts and we wish you the best for the upcoming games!