B1 USA at the Kick off Spring Classic

We are glad to kick off another week with some tournament results. Last weekend, most of our B1 Soccer Academy USA teams participated in the much waited Kick Off Spring Classic.

We are happy with the performances of every team, we have been feeling a good energy and observing some great efforts by every player.

The U10 Girls back at it again!

We want to give a special shoutout to the U10 Girls who are really consistent, with back-to-back wonderful performances.

The U10 Girls played their first game against Lee County and were able to start off the tournament in the best way possible with a dominating 2-0 win!

Afterward, they played against a strong Cape Coral team. Even though the opposition was creating many chances, our girls stayed focused and were able to find a draw, which is a result they were happy with.

Moreover, their third game faced them to Cape Coral once again in the Semi-Finals, and this time the girls were hungry for revenge and were able to show off some great soccer, leading to a 3-0 win and a ticket to the finals.

In the finals, the girls played against Sunrise Prime. We can say we are not surprised anymore as the girls did not flinch and kept the same energy as the other games.

They were able to defeat their opponent with a single goal and crown themselves champions of the Kick-Off Spring Classic 2021!

The U10 boys did their best!

The competition was fierce last weekend putting some of our teams to the challenge. Unfortunately, sometimes the result might not be on your side but the most important thing is trying your best. That’s what our U10 Boys did last weekend.

In their first game, they played against Cape Coral and came out short, outperformed by the opposition.

Afterward, they played Azzurri Storm in a really close game. Unfortunately, after missing some chances, our boys lost 1-2 at the final whistle of the game.

Their third opponent was the PSG Academy who had some quality players that were able to find the holes in our defensive backline. Anyways, our boys did not give up until the last seconds of the game, well done!

U11 did not find the finals this time!

The U11 Boys played their first game against USSSA Lightning and started off the tournament really strong with a wonderful performance, completely dominating their opponents in a 3-1 win.

Later that day, they faced Milan Miami which is a competitive and quality team. Our boys did not flinch and played the best way they could. The tensions and pace of the game were incredible. Unfortunately, the rivals were able to find the back of the nets more times than us, end score of 5-3.

In their third and last game, the U11 faced Azzurri Storm. The game was really balanced between both teams.

Despite our boys creating interesting chances, they were not able to find the back of the net, like their rivals. The game ended in a draw between both parties.

The U12 to the finals!

What a performance from the U12 who were able to find their way to the finals of the tournament.

In the first game, they faced Azzurri Storm and were able to find the only goal of the game, an end score of 1-0.

Moreover, the boys played Cape Coral in their second game. Unfortunately, despite fighting hard and playing well, the boys were not able to score. On the other hand, the rivals concluded two of their actions, end score 0-2.

Furthermore, the boys were given the opportunity to play once again against Cape Coral in the Semi-Finals.

This time, they were hungry for revenge and played really strong, finding opportunities and scoring the only goal of the game.

In the finals, the boys played against the first rivals Azzurri Storm in a nail-biting game. Both teams played well and created chances. Despite our U12 efforts, they came up short and lost 1-0, coming home with the silver medal, which we are really proud of, congrats!

U14 had a hard tournament ahead!

The U14 had a rough tournament but played their hearts out on the fields. In their first game, they lost 3-1 against Lehigh YSA.

Moreover, they played really well in their second game against Florida West. The game was extremely close but the luck was not on our side and the rivals one 3-2 at the final whistle.

In the Semi-Finals, they played Florida West once again and we could feel our boys were tired and not really focused as they conceded multiple goals in a short time. Anyways, those things happen, we are sure they will come back stronger!

U15 With the silver medal!

The U15 delighted us with an amazing performance during the weekend.

They started off really strong against Juventus Academy, dominating their rivals and scoring 4 goals (4-0).

Afterward, they faced Azzurri Storm in a really close game ending on a 0-0 draw giving them the ticket to the Semi-Final, where they played the same team but were able to score the only goal of the game!

In the finals, they played against a decent U16 Kendall team, but unfortunately out boys came up short.

We are still really proud of what they did. We are making it more to the finals in tournaments because our players fighting hard. What a tournament it has been, full of emotions and adrenaline!

We are still really proud of what they did. We are making it more to the finals in tournaments because our players fighting hard. What a tournament it has been, full of emotions and adrenaline!

We can’t wait for the next one, hoping that all of our teams will continue playing hard and giving everything they have for the sport we love so much!