B1 Soccer Academy at the Dimitri Cup

B1 USA is back at it with the competitive tournaments last weekend as they converge to the Dimitri Cup, held in the Premier Sports Campus. This time, three of our Boy teams participated and fought hard to try and start this new year in the best way possible.

Let’s say that we all have our days where things just do not work out the way we want even though we put effort and hard work into it. This resumes our B1 teams’ last weekend performances. Despite having a hard time overcoming the opposition, we are really proud of the effort and attitude of all our players that no matter what kept on fighting for our beloved colors.

The U11 faced fierce competition

The U11 fought hard during the 2-day tournament in the Premier Sports Campus. They faced Miami Breakers, Cape Coral, Sarasota Spartans, and Juventus respectively. In general, the level of the teams was quite high and it was a real challenge for our boys to compete against them.

Nevertheless, the spirit of the U11 was remarkable as they tried their best to not give up in each of the games. Anyways, we are dedicated to keeping working hard during training sessions in order to achieve beautiful things in this fresh new year.

The U12 not quite there

Similarly to the U11, the U12 fought hard as well even though the rivals represented a real challenge. They played against Braden River (1), Tampa Bay, and Braden River (2). There is a significant issue in the offensive part as our boys seemed to struggle in that aspect of the game.

We will definitely work on some of those parts in the next few days to prepare our boys for any challenge in the upcoming future. Despite these unfortunate results, we want to acknowledge the commitment and teamwork of the boys who stuck together until the end!

The U13 did their best after all

The first game faced our U13 Boys to the Pinecrest team. Both teams were quite equal in terms of performance and our boys were able to score two amazing goals. Unfortunately, they came up short towards the end, still a good effort from our young athletes.

Furthermore, they faced Coral Springs and Juventus who were two teams that represented too much of a challenge on that particular day. Our U13 Boys fought hard and that is what matters the most. We can also clearly see that they are hungry to learn and become better, which is a first step to becoming unstoppable.

Results are not the only thing that matter. Commitment, hard work, teamwork, passion, and dedication go hand in hand and a lot of our players seem to have made sense of it. Now we just have to stick together and go for the wins!