Disney President Day Soccer Tournament

It was a real excitement for B1 to participate to this special edition of Disney soccer last weekend. Indeed, our U12 B1 team converged to the amazing ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex to compete against the fiercest competition they had in a long time.

Furthermore, not only they had the chance to play the beautiful game of soccer under a blazing sun but they also had the chance to be inside the Walt Disney infrastructures.

The U12 kept their heads held high

As expected, the U12 were facing a real challenge in this past tournament as the level of the rivals was really high. Since the first game, they could feel the pressure and the difficulty that they were going to have to play against.

Anyways, it did not scare our players as they took this challenge with the best mindset. Their first game faced them to Valeo.

The game was expected to be a fight and would require our boys to be fully focused. Even though they gave everything, they were not able to win the game as the rivals over scored us.

Moreover, our boys played against another strong roster afterwards, Alianza. Once again, the game was very difficult for our boys, who were defensively suffering the opposition’s offensive plays.

Despite this constant pressure put on our B1 players, they were still able to have a decent performance, with promising plays on both ends of the field.

Finally, they played what would be their last match against FC Legion. The Boys were quite disappointed with the previous results so they really wanted to prove a point in this last game of the tournament.

In fact, after playing way better than the previous games and creating more chances, our boys were able to bring a win back home after a nail biting game.

It was a pleasure for us and all the supporters to experience this wonderful tournament. Even though it got a bit rough for our boys at some point, they were able to fight back and end this two day tournament on a positive note. Great effort and see you in the next tournament !

More than soccer with B1

Indeed, once the tournament was finished, the players and coaches together with the supporting family members enjoyed some quality time in the Disney complex.

On the planning, eating some delicious pizzas and playing a bowling tournament, and we can assure you that big smiles and good memories were created.

We are grateful for every single one of you for this amazing weekend filled with emotions. Well done to the U12 Boys who once again did their best.

GO B1!