B1 hit the grounds of the FL Extreme Cup

Another weekend means another tournament and this time our B1 teams converged to Lakewood Ranch to participate in the Florida Extreme Cup. It is the third tournament of the season and we are slowly getting into the normal routine of the season, what a pleasure!

U11 really close to the finals!

The U11 were back at it with another strong performance in their first game of the tournament. The face Cape Coral in a really close game as both teams were creating chances. Anyways, our boys were able to overcome the rivals by one goal, leaving the score at 3-2.

In their second game against Ideasport, the boys played really hard. The game was really balanced when comparing both teams. Even though the boys ended up losing the game 1-2, they really gave everything they had.

13 with an amazing performance!

The U13 boys made sure to make everyone understand that they did not came to lose. In their first game, they put the intensity really high and dominated their opponents, Sarasota FC. They were able to be really efficient offensively and scored 6 goals to nothing!

Furthermore, they played another great game against Lakeland Youth Soccer. This time, the game was really close as the rivals did not make it easy for our B1 players. Despite the threat of the rivals, our U13 was able to score the goal that led them to a second victory.

Before entering the third and last game, the boy had a big probability to already have a spot in the finals. Anyways, this time their rivals, YSC Hernando, were able to beat our boys by one goal in another really close game (1-2). Despite this loss, the boys went to the finals!

In the finals, unfortunately, the boys came up short even though they fought honorably until the end, what a tournament boys!

U12 and U15 had a rough tournament but will keep on fighting!

Unfortunately, it cannot always go as planned, and in soccer, it becomes hard sometimes to win games. Last weekend, the U12 and U15 confronted some good teams that were either on a better day or better prepared than our boys.

Even though it was hard for them to find a win, they still had the right mentality of fighting hard until the last minute of the game. We are proud of them because they played hard, and in the end, when you are down the only way to go is up. So keep your heads high because we will train hard for better results!

Eric Bertran

Journalist, sports expert, Social Media Manager, and sports business developer. Ex-soccer player and passionate about teamwork. "Every player will have the same opportunity to achieve their dreams. With effort and sacrifice, everything is possible."