Girls won at Florida Extreme Cup

And with the third tournament, comes the first victory of the B1 Teams, specifically the girls’ teams in the Florida Extreme Cup. The work is beginning to bear fruit and we are sure that a great future awaits us.

It was time for the next tournament for our young teams of B1 USA as they moved towards Lakewood Ranch, Florida on September 26. There were about 120 teams from all over Florida who attended the tournament last weekend.

First of all, we want to express our excitement and pride towards all of our teams and especially our U10 and U13 Girls who brought their best game to the tournament and were able to triumph in their respective finals!

The U10 Girls kept an incredible clean sheet throughout the Florida Extreme Cup. They first played against CSBRS Braden River. They were able to achieve their first win of the tournament by scoring the only goal of the game.

During their second game, the U10 Girls performed even better than the first game as they were completely dominating the opponent.

The girls were able to score 5 goals during the game without conceding one, and despite having scored this phenomenal amount of goals, they kept rushing after the ball until the last minutes of the game that would bring them to the final.

U10 FINAL game: Play and goal of victory against FC Tampa

In the final, our U10 Girls only imagined one possible outcome for the game, winning it. They were facing FC Tampa who easily won their 3 games of the weekend and clearly didn’t come to mess around.

But our B1 Girls were terribly determined and managed to snatch the victory from their rivals leaving the final score at 1-0. Congratulation to our U10 Girls for winning the tournament!

Champions in the U13 category

The U13 Girls also played really strong in this tournament. Their first rival was FC Sarasota and the girls had a spectacular performance even though they missed many opportunities due to offside calls.

Anyways, once the girls started keeping possession they were able to utilize passing to create opportunities. The girls ended up having multiple shots on goal and other opportunities and were able to and found the back of the net 4 times!

In their second game, they faced Florida Premier FC and also performed really well. Even though the other team was putting a lot of pressure, our girls were able to play well in transition and find nice passes.

They got themselves the ticket to the finals as they scored a tremendous amount of goals, winning the game 6-0!

In the finals, the girls entered the game with even more desire to win and performed exceptionally. The opposite team was South Miami CES  and we saw an interesting final.

However B1 Girls came with a winning mindset and were able to win after an exciting game, conceding 1 goal but scoring 4, the U13 B1 Soccer Academy girls are the champions!

All teams improving

The U12 girls had a rough tournament with hard games. They played their first game of the tournament against CSSUS Sarasota FC but unfortunately lost 2-0 at the end.

Afterward, they played their second game against Auburndale Youth, who ended up winning the finals, and also lost 2-0. The third game was against CES South Miami who also reached the finals, beating the team 4-0.

U10 Boys played their first game against CSSUS FC Sarasota and were not able to win against them, losing 5-2 at the end.

Their next game was against the CNAYS Auburndale Youth. The boys came into the pitch with a strong will to defeat their next opponents. The boys played really well and were able to put the ball in the back of the net, claiming their first victory.

Their third game was against Sergio Ortiz Soccer and the boys wanted to repeat their performance of the last game.

The boys had a couple of chances and were able to score a goal, but so did the rival, and despite the attempts of our boys to win the game, it finished in a draw. Good job guys!

The U11 Boys’ first game was a little tough. Their rivals team was CSVYS Venice and they were able to score against us on a possible offside goal but our boys had to play through it.

They were able to keep to score like this but in the second half the boys started feeling tired and they conceded 3 other sloppy goals.

In the second game, the boys were able to listen to the instructions of the coach regarding the first game and make the necessary adjustments.

Even though they were down 2-0 against CSBRS Braden River, they were able to make a comeback and score two goals. We couldn’t have asked for more effort from our U11 boys.

Unfortunately, their third against CSSUS FC Sarasota was a close game but they the rivals ended up taking the victory with one more goal towards the end of the game, end result 2-1.

The U12 Boys played their first game of the weekend against Florida Premier FC and lost 3-9.

In their second game, the boys were able to claim a win by scoring the only goal of the game against CSBRS Braden River.

Last Sunday morning they played their third game against CSVYS Venice score and despite their efforts and opportunities the B1 U12 boys end up losing 4-2.

Adding up experiences

The U13 Boys played their first match against KHL and lost 5-0. The second game against CSSUS FC Sarasota losing 2-1 at the end of the game. They ended up their tournament by losing against Sarasota Mutiny 2-0.

U14 Boys started the tournament with an extraordinary 6-0 victory against CNVSC Tampa Dynamo FC and with only one sub!

They moved the ball better and their shape was good most of the game. The coaches observed a clear improvement of the players.

After, the U14 lost 2-1 after leading 1-0 against Charlotte Premier. Then last game against CSSUS FC Sarasota who went to the final winning all of their games, and our B1 boys were not able to win and lost 3-0.

On their side, U15 Boys’ first game was against Florida Premier FC and they were able to win 3-1 in a really convincing game. The second game against the second team of Florida Premier FC was a 3-0 loss.

Their last game was a difficult rival, the Barça Academy of Orlando, and the boys were not able to win, the end score was 5-0.

Our Director of Coaching, Giancarlo Coletta has been very happy after this Florida Extreme Cup:

“The whole coaching staff is very proud, not only of the victory of the girl’s teams but of all the teams. The improvement is evident and we will continue to work to continue our success.”

Eric Bertran

Journalist, sports expert, Social Media Manager, and sports business developer. Ex-soccer player and passionate about teamwork. "Every player will have the same opportunity to achieve their dreams. With effort and sacrifice, everything is possible."