B1 friendly games as preparation

In order to prepare for the upcoming tournaments next weekend, B1 USA believed it was only right to organize several friendly games for the teams. Preparation is key!

Last weekend, the U13 Boys took those friendly games really seriously and were ready to give everything they had. The two teams that accepted to show up were SWFL Soccer Academy and Florida Evolution, which are two good teams that our boys already faced in the past.

Our boys were really excited to be able to play, as these past weekends, they have not been playing together.

The two games were really entertaining as we could feel that the players had no pressure whatsoever. The B1 Boys played some good soccer, showcasing what they are able to do when the stress of a tournament is not there.

They created many chances, helped each other, and improved in their communication as well.

Moreover, apart from playing well and causing some difficulties to the rivals on the field, the boys showed how close they were to each other, and we couldn’t be happier about that.

Of course, our main goal is to develop the soccer skills of our players, but being part of their social growth of them is also important to us.

One thing is for sure, the U13 team has become a group of friends that share the same passion, and they are ready to fight for one another! This is the first step into becoming a competitive team striving to win.

Finally, we wanted to congratulate the players for their efforts in those two games and their commitment to the team and our B1 Soccer Academy, Go B1!