B1 Camp in Fort Myers, FL

Last May 2 to 8 we celebrated the first B1 Campus in Fort Myers, Florida thanks to the collaboration of John Robinson USA and his club Elite Soccer Academy.

For this first edition, our managers and coaches Didac “Didi” Rodriguez and Eric Bertran traveled to Florida. Three days of intense campuses, where more than 80 players, between the ages of 8 and 18, did not miss any detail of the training sessions.

Upon arrival in the United States, our staff focused on working the sessions to introduce concepts that would be new to young American players. And after a day of adapting to the time change, they set out to offer the best of B1 Soccer Academy.

Spanish Soccer Methodology

Saturday, May 4 at 10 am ready at Sherman Soccer Complex in Gateway Community Park. The first day had arrived. And they expected 3 hours of training for the first group and 3 more hours for the second. Many exercises to do and many concepts to learn.

During this first session, the players worked passing drills, transition plays, ball manipulation, rondo progression and finally different games related sessions. In addition, a lot of work was done on some concepts such as “check your shoulders” and “body position”.

Sunday, May 5th. For the second day we worked on basic concepts incorporating new exercises, all consisted of more game related sessions, with an evaluation game for players. A lot of information in a short time and new concepts and different style in the way of the game.

Some faces of bewilderment, some complicated exercises, but above all a lot of attention and much interest to learn.

During the third and last day of Campus, John Robinson planned a day of tryouts to learn more about the new talents of the American sport in all its categories, from U8 to the oldest, U18. Both Didi and Eric were watching all the players and helping the Elite Soccer Academy staff manage the sessions.


Crossbar Challenge

We also had some surprises and gifts prepared. And so, together with John Robinson, we proposed a Crossbar Challenge for the two groups where the winners would win a prize thanks to our sponsor PUMA.

During the first day, we were doing some tests, rehearsals and already some of the players succeeded in hitting the crossbar. However, the final challenge would be on Sunday after the end of the training sessions.

In the first group, U8 to U12, the winner was Logan, and Didi gave him a gym sack from B1 Soccer Academy and an official T-shirt from our Academy. And the winner of U13 to U18 was one of the youngest players in the group, Riley Belfer who received a brand new pair of PUMA cleats, the same as Didi wears. Congratulations champions!

Unforgettable memories

This first B1 Camp in Florida together with John Robinson USA has been a very positive experience and it reinforces the work that from Barcelona we have been doing as an academy since the beginning of 2018. We work for and to develop athletes.

For Didi Rodriguez “they’ve been incredible days, we have enjoyed every moment. There is nothing more rewarding than the great feedback obtained and the faces of the players after the Camp. We hope to see you soon.”

“It is very nice to be part of the memory of the boys and girls who have participated in the Campus. It’s even nicer to sign autographs on T-shirts, sweatshirts, footballs or football boots, creating memories for life. It’s very rewarding”, said Eric Bertran.

The B1 team would like to thank all the participants in the Campus, the Elite Soccer Academy staff and members of the organization that supported the work of our coaches, the parents who were at the foot of the canyon enjoying a weekend full of football, all the coaches Felix, Gabri, Victor, Gareth, Jouko, Ryan, Ezio and Daniel.

And above all to John Robinson for giving us the opportunity to train in the USA. Sharing is caring… Thank you!


Eric Bertran

Journalist, sports expert, Social Media Manager, and sports business developer. Ex-soccer player and passionate about teamwork. "Every player will have the same opportunity to achieve their dreams. With effort and sacrifice, everything is possible."