B1 attends the Naples Shootout

Last weekend, it was time again to compete in a tournament for our B1 teams. Indeed, they all participated to the well known Naples Shootout Tournament and we can assure you that they came with a clear goal in their minds, win it!

The youngest B1 USA team goes at it!

Indeed, the youngest B1 USA team joined the tournament this weekend. It was a pleasure to see them play, both for the coaches and the parents that were present under the shining sun. In fact, it was really fun to see them play, and the drive and focus they had in every game were exemplary.

Unfortunately, their two first games were a big challenge as they played against a really good level. They played respectfully against Azzurri Storm and Soccer 3 Academy. Even though our B1 boys were not able to beat them, they still played with their hearts.

Nevertheless, they did not lose hope as they were able to win their next and last game against Florida West. They not only were able to leave the tournament with their heads up high but also they proved themselves they were able to win games and play great! Well done kids!

U12 find their way into the finals!

The U12 once again amazed us by making their way to the finals of the tournament. With a disadvantageous start by losing 1-2 against Azzurri Storm, the boys had to get back up and fight hard in the following games.

That is exactly what they did as they won the next game against a strong Lightning City team (2-1) showcasing really good football and effort from all the B1 players.

Afterwards, they played against the other Lightning City team. They absolutely needed the win in order to advance to the finals so a lot was at stake. Gladly, the boys were able to pull it off and beat the rivals 3-1, with a wonderful performance!

In the finals, they were facing once again Azzurri Storm, which was looking really strong already in the first game.

Anyways, our boys decided to make it hard for them and gave an overall really good team performance. Unfortunately, the rivals were able to take advantage in the game and held to score until the last whistle.

Congrats on yet another amazing performance of the U12 team!

The U13 also slip into the finals!

Indeed, the U13 also found their way to the finals. After a hard start with two close losses against SWFL Academy and San Carlos, it wasn’t looking really good for the boys.

Anyways, they were able to play the semi-finals against the same San Carlos team, and this time things went differently.

The U13 changed their mindset and presence on the field and started playing much better. To our utmost pleasure, they were able to score the only goal of the game that represented a lot.

Finally, the last rival was SWFL Academy, which has been looking really strong in the tournament. Our boys still came in with confidence and played a decent game. But the rivals were able to outscore us, we are still really proud of the U13 performance!

The U15 had a rough tournament

Indeed, the U15 had a rough tournament as they faced some good teams last weekend. The first played against Florida West and came up short (0-1). Even though they were not able to find the back of the net, they still played a solid game.

In their next game against San Carlos, the boys gave everything they had and were able to find a draw (2-2) in a nail-biting game.

Unfortunately, in their last game against the Miami Lakes, the boys lacked focus and rhythm and conceded a couple of goals. They were not able to come back in the game but they still tried the best they could!

Our congratulations to all the players that gav everything this weekends, what a pleasure seeing you play! #GoB1