B1 at the Publix Labor Day Cup

We are back with the tournaments at B1 Soccer Academy USA, a moment that we were all waiting for! It is a pleasure to see our B1 teams fight again for our colors on the soccer fields of Florida.

Last weekend, all of our Boys teams converged to the North Collier Regional Park to compete in their first tournament of the 2021/2022 season, the Publix Labor Day Cup!

Fresh start for the U10!

The U10 came to the Paradise Sports Complex with the urge to finally play a tournament after the summer break. They played their first game against Schulz Academy in a really hard game as the opposition didn’t make it easy for our B1 Boys. Unfortunately, they could not find a win, but they tried to give their best until the end of the game.

Afterward, they played against football prime in a more close game, where both sides played hard and created interesting scoring possibilities. Despite the efforts and the determination of our players, the rivals were able to win by one goal, end score 2-3.

Finally, in their third and last game, the boys fell short as they were feeling tired after the intense two first games. They tried their best and that is what matters the most. The coach and the players will be working on the parts that seemed a bit off but still a great performance from the U10!

The U11 slowly getting back to the routine!

Indeed, it was also a tough start for the U11 in this tournament as they had a hard time finding a win in their three games. First facing Football Prime, the boys seemed a bit overwhelmed when the opposition scored a couple of goals. They tried to create some chances and move forward with the ball but the rival’s pressure was too much.

Later on, they faced Cape Coral which is a well-known rival from last year’s tournaments. Again, the boys lacked a bit of organization and confidence in the defense, which resulted in the opposition finding the back of the net a couple of times. Even though our U11 scored a really good goal it wasn’t enough to overcome the opponent. Still a great effort!

Anyways, in their last game, the B1 Boys fought harder than before. The game against Azzurri Storm was indeed really close. The boys, even though they had two games in their legs already, were able to create chances and stop the offensive attacks from the rivals. Unfortunately, they fell short towards the end of the game, losing 1-2.

Our U12 kept their heads held high!

The U12 had a rough start to the tournament. They played respectively against Marimar and Football Prime and fell short in both games. They had a hard time finding offensive possibilities and a lack of focus in the defensive part. Despite their losses, they still gave everything they had with the right mentality, which is more than acceptable.

Anyhow, they were able to pick themselves up and fight hard against the last opponent of the tournament, Coral Arsenal. They showcased an incredible performance and were able to dominate their opponents, by being efficient on both sides of the field. The end score was 3-1 in favor of our young warriors!

Promising performance by the U13!

Indeed, the U13 Boys had a really promising performance in general. They first played against Florida Evolution in a nail-biting game, where both teams were equally good. Our boys found the back of the net twice after a well-executed play from the back of the field. Despite the rivals also scoring two goals, the performance was really good for the boys.

Furthermore, they played against the Black Lions, and the boys went off ad dominated the rivals in a 5-1 win. What a game from the U13!

Unfortunately, the boys came up short in their last game against FC Prime who were able to snatch the win from them. We are still really proud of them and looking forward to the upcoming tournaments.

Strong start for the U15!

Even though they fell short in their first game of the tournament against Cape Coral (2-3) the U15 boys had a really good performance. The game was really close as both teams created chances, unfortunately, the opposition found one more goal.

Anyways, this did not demoralize the boys who fought hard again in the second game against Coastal Empire and were able to deliver a dominating win with an end score of 5-2.

In their third game, they faced the Blacklions and were also able to take control of the game by showing their offensive and defensive effectiveness. The U15 boys were able to win 3-0 which gave them the ticket to the finals of the tournament.

Unfortunately, they were not able to overcome their opponents in the final, facing a strong and prepared Lauderhill Lions. We are still really proud of their performance for the first tournament, congratulations on the silver boys!

Eric Bertran

Journalist, sports expert, Social Media Manager, and sports business developer. Ex-soccer player and passionate about teamwork. "Every player will have the same opportunity to achieve their dreams. With effort and sacrifice, everything is possible."