ACDC, fourth tournament for B1 USA

Here we are again with the fourth tournament for our teams at B1 Soccer Academy USA. On this occasion, the ACDC Tournament held from Friday in Tampa, Florida.

After a resting weekend for our teams that have been playing a lot, it was time to put on the shirts and defend the colors of the Academy once again.

Overall, we have been once again delighted by all of our teams. A special shout out to our U10 Girls who made it to the finals and performing wonderfully once again in back to back tournaments.

The first game for the U10 Girls against Tampa Bay FC was a real battle as they came back from a 2-0 to a 2-2 tie by giving all they had during the second half of the game.

Afterward, they faced Tampa Bay FC South and were able to take a dominant win by showing attitude and improvements throughout the whole game.

The U10 Girls were hungry as they were able to dominate their third game against Tampa Bay FC North and win 4-0 by showing efficient playing strategies and smooth circulation of the ball.

Working hard

On their side, the U12 Girls had a more difficult tournament as they faced well-structured and physically sting teams but still gave their hearts out on the field and did not flinch.

Their first game against Florida West FC was a nail-biting game that ended up in the favour of the opponent 4-3 but the girls gave us a spectacle and proved us that they could fight until the last seconds.

The next game was against Tampa Bay FC, the girls played well but made a few mistakes defensively conceding 3 goals while scoring only 1. Anyways they decided to end the tournament on a positive note and with their heads held high as they tied 1-1 against Tampa Bay United. Good job Girls!

The competition of the boy’s teams

Our boys also battled through the weekend trying to get the best results possible. The U10 Boys started strong as they won their first game 3-2. They were up 3-0 but then started getting tired through the end of the game and conceded 2 goals in 5 minutes but they still managed to win the game.

In their second game, the boys were really focused and were able to stand out and win the game 4-2 against Hunter’s Creek SC. Their third game was more difficult with a strong opposite team, the First Hernando YSC, who were able to take the win from our boys on a 2-0 end score.

The boys gave their all in the last game and were able to tie the game against Tampa Bay united 2-2. The boys took home the second place which is wonderful!

“In general the U10 boys are coming together very nicely. We played awesomely and the times we lost is because we didn’t play with our full focus and potential like in the training sessions. Really positive!”

The U11 Boys played against 3 different teams from the same club, Tampa Bay United. They played their first game against Tampa Bay North and were not really ready for the game, and unfortunately lost 5-1.

In their second game against Tampa Bay North the boys mentally prepared and were able to pull out a comfortable win with a final score of 5-1. In their third game, the boy came short even though they had a really good performance as a whole, the end result as 3-2. The coaches expressed their satisfaction:

“We are really proud of our boys, they have improved already in a couple of weeks and with some more weeks of training we will be able to achieve wonderful things.”

Our U12 boys were also present at the ACDC Tournament and they came in strong during the first match completely dominating their opponents and winning 5-0.

Really impressive performance and a great way to start off a tournament. Their second game was, unfortunately, more difficult and they lost with only one goal in the whole game against TBU Boys.

In their last match, our boys decided to show their game even though it was raining. They were able to pull off a 3-0 victory. Well done boys!

The teams continue to work

The ACDC Tournament has tested all our B1 Teams. The U13 Boys came to defend their colors another weekend. In their first game against Tampa Bay United, they drew the game 1-1 showing off some good attacking and defending phases.

Their second game was against Tampa Bay South who were physically stronger and our boys were not able to find the back of the net and unfortunately took a couple of goals due to defensive mistakes, end score 6-0.

After that bitter win, the boys were hungry to win and were able to dominate the game against Florida Flames and score two goals, end score 2-0.

On the other hand, the U14 Boys had a hard first game against Strictly Soccer Futbol and could not keep up with the pace set by the opponent, losing the game 5-0.

Anyways in their second game against Tampa Bay United, the boys felt more secure and focused and did not concede a goal, being defensively structured, but they could not find the back of the net either, end score 0-0. Their last game was also a 0-0 tie with Florida Premier FC.

And our older kids, the U15 Boys had also a difficult start facing off a strong team, conceding goals even though they gave everything they had, end score 4-0.

Their second game was against Sporting Tampa Bay where the boys wanted to prove they were better than their last performance. They were able to pull off an astonishing 5-0 win, showing their impressive potential as a team.

Their last game was a really close game against Bnacs Armada, even though our boys gave their hearts out the lost for one goal, end score 2-1.

No one said it was easy, but we are on the way and working hard to make it happen step by step. And don’t forget to see all the pictures in our B1 Gallery!!!!

Eric Bertran

Journalist, sports expert, Social Media Manager, and sports business developer. Ex-soccer player and passionate about teamwork. "Every player will have the same opportunity to achieve their dreams. With effort and sacrifice, everything is possible."